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Handlebar Cover Total Quantity inside and outside the inside : 1 Set of 4pcs. Hot Hand warmer sticks, it always hits the hand while driving, it is warmest.
I do not grasp Clutch lever arbitrarily by the influence of wind pressure

It was made thicker than Komine's Handlebar Warmer purchased at Raiko Land, but as soon as this speed comes out it will force Clutch and Brake lever by wind pressure to arbitrarily, is for Scooter

It was a cheaper price than other Handlebar Cover, but there is no doubt about the performance.
I am fine at the time of CHOINORI up to 1 kilometer even in January.
When it is a couple of degrees and commutes to work more than an hour, you can follow Winter Gloves just as you can, but it will not cause your fingers to just get caught.
Blinker's Button is outside of Gloves, but the operation is Smooth and the clearance is Zero.
I did a good shopping..

Used for MT-09 Racer
Remove Brush guard and drill a hole in this product and tighten together
It is the way other people are doing

The effect is
There is nothing warm! However, because it will prevent direct winds almost
It is quite different.
I can not expect to use it looking for warmth

It is MinusPoint that the making is solid and satisfying, but the price is high

Elasticity is too low and it will be replaced by the part of Lever that is in Ball shape. Material is too muffled. Character morning...... To install it, you have to scrape and push in Lever or cut off Lever Cover and wind it.

It is my first hand cover. It installed in 250TR.
Anyway I do not know if I do not buy it, first of all it's cool at an affordable price!
I decided to think here..
Reach it, I thought that Design is cool. Even with Motorcycle attached, it does not have much discomfort
The appearance is GOOD.
Since driving is a thing, hands are exhausted as much as possible after pass, etc. which always uses Clutch as much as possible
Because it uses thin Gloves, it was for summer and even in winter.
Taking such a thing into consideration, this hand cover covers her hands fairly and is easy to install
Although (Although my husband gave it to me (^ ^;) ), The wind does not come in and it is very warm!
Although I have not used it yet in the extreme cold, I did not feel that the expressway was totally cold at 4 degrees Celsius.
Is it so different by hand alone - - It is like feeling..
Because the body is not cold at Wear, it feels like I can ride for hours.

- - - And then, I feel perfect, but I have a problem ^ ^;.
While doing Gloves, hand in and out "Awesome" It is hard to do (><) !!

If you look closely well "Ideal for Scooter!" I have written it - -.
Probably "bare hands" I wonder if it is used in - -.

Because I am running, I do not put out my hands so much - - I thought that,
Actually, as I was waiting for the signal a little Shield became cloudy so I put air in - -
For that day only, forget to adjust Mirror - -. And Income
Because we have attached Camera next to Helmet, angle adjustment.
I was pretty much in and out.
I have to put my hands back in between the signals!
I ran forcibly while staying quietly.

- - In other words, although the evaluation got lowered, "warm" To function
I think that it was the best for me.
Also I was worried about Blinker, but since Gloves is thumbs out with transparency
Large I think that it is durable.

I like the appearance so I think that air enters a little, but cut out the place to put in and out of hands
I think that I would like to use it by devising such as!

Independently, it is dangerous to interfere with the operation of Lever.
I installed the Lever Guard and fixed this product with Wire and put it in the proper place, it became possible to use it comfortably. (Thanks to the solid construction of Aero Cover. )
There is no wind involvement, so hand freeze has been improved to Large width.

PCX (JF56) The mounting. Commuting time, about 30 minutes each way, wearing Winter Gloves at about 10 km.

Just wearing it as it is, although there is hardness of Material out of new, it sags a little with its own weight of Cover.
As a result, Cover contacts Cowl whenever you turn off Handlebar.
Since the entrance and exit of the hand also moves, it is difficult to take out hands a bit. The coldness which the numbness of the fingertips is slightly improved.

Position the Cover and drill a hole, stop the Bar End Penetrating the Screw and fix it.
As it got fixed, hand out and take it much easier and it did not hang down.
However, I got to grab at right angles to Grip, I do not like how to hold Handlebar and I want to grab Grip diagonally.

Apply a suitable Color of 1 cm at the end of Bar End and give a little room between Cover and Bar End.
That's why OEMScrew will not deliver, so purchase several long and rust resistant Stainless screws.
Apply Screw lock so that Screw does not loosen.

This almost improved the negative part.

If Knuckle cover or Hand guard is attached, it seems that it is not necessary to do this.