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Merek Top

Previously I used Asterisk. I feel defeated by wrapping. However, this one is cooler.

I started to use this 5 years from 1 or 2 every evening from 3 years ago it will not take once a month
It is riding in SundayRiderLevel and it has a long lasting long term
I understand that it is a special Material, but Quantity : It feels like 7000 yen at 2pc is slightly higher.
It is caution that screws that are desorbing but are outdated
You can lick the Torque-like Bolt when removing it without turning the included special screw. Because I could not remove it even if I cooked with Wrench with instantaneous adhesive, I took Sleeve together with a thin Drill.
Just a new one Included Parts : It comes as if I had anticipated that it could not be removed unless it destroyed.

I can firmly stop at 3 places and it is very good without Gap.
It's a bit expensive, but I just have to agree. If there is Alpinestars in this Type (CE Standard product) It was still better..

I used it for repairing K300. Knee Cup could not be installed using parts of Black Hinge part.
In order to install, either cut off the nail to the knee Cup or cut out the hole of the Hinge part! You must process either. It is not a matter of shaving nails, but it is troublesome, so we used old parts as they were. Order to be assembled etc. etc. I think that there is something that specifies.
It is a little disappointing that it does not suit properly although it corresponds to MODEL.

Since I hurt my hips earlier, cold days and so on are also used by STREET and Belt Belt.
This product is not thick so thick, making it solid, so even with jeans with this attached it is not too tight.
I am also using Motorcycle Engine when changing the engine and loading on the waist. Because waist is supported, I feel very secure. It will also be a measure against cold.
Somewhat difficult to steak because there is also breathability to some extent.

Off Why did you buy this this time.
It is more secure than thick Pad in Jacket.
In fact, no morning moss.

Because it is the first Neck support, I can not compare the feeling of use, but it looks goblin than Leatt that my acquaintance has, but I can adjust it, so I do Fit, I do not play, I am not heavy, two Although it toppled over a flashy but it was durable in Large, it stands out, and Imaichi compatibility with Soar's Protector is not good, but the price is reasonable but the satisfaction feeling is large for AlpineStar liking.

When I go to the forest road, I attach it under OffJersey.
If I think that I will hit an elbow at a rocky place when I fall, I can not run because I am afraid without this.

Although it is attached for an emergency even at the time of ordinary touring, depending on the clothes, there are times when the sleeves do not pass, so it looks bad but it is attached to the outside of the clothes.

Installation is easy with Velcro, but be careful as it becomes numb with blood flow becoming worse if it is too tight.

I bought it because everyone is using MX, but this state is about 5 times used
Certainly the shock transmitted to the hand is reduced, I think that it is effective for people who are easy to make beans in the palm, but there is a problem with durability