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I have purchased this Gloves because the winter Gloves I have now is thick and I do not feel the warmth of the Grip heater. The warmth of Grip heater is also transmitted though the leather is so thick though the image. I thought that sewing and cutting were polite items and excellent in COSPA.
I bought M Size because my hand is small, but when I believed in the Size table in the image and bought it was Exactly without being betrayed.
Design is often Simple, badly said it is plain, but I use it as a touring entity, so I think that this is enough.

Mechanic Gloves which I used to date has become so old that I purchased it.

I have one criterion for choosing Mechanic Gloves.
That is "T - Type Wrench can turn to Smooth".
Well, there is a Mechanic Gloves whose palm is RubberMaterial, but turning T-Type Wrench will cause Gloves to get caught and can not be used. This Gloves is pleasing to the palm leather so I like T-Type Wrench so it's easy to turn.
On the contrary, it may be unsuitable for those who say "Gloves not slippery is good".

I thought it was completely Mechanic Gloves and purchased it, but it seems that it can also be used for Riding.
Material is thin and Protector is not attached, but it seems good for town riding and light running.

L Size you purchased is just a little fingertips. My hand is 20 cm from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist.
It seems to be just as good as Riding glove, but when doing Maintenance that needs the feeling of the fingertip, I think that if M Size you did a little more Exactly.

It is only Fe Eve's Gloves and the operability is also perfect! If it runs for only about 2 hours, the Protector part of the palm and the fingertip are darkened. That point is Minus. It may be that I happened to be so ... but there is no complain!

The feeling of Fit is very good compared with the rugosity and Protector, and it will not get tired even for a long time.
Mesh Gloves was not necessary because breathability is good (It is a citizen)
However, when falling outside falls outside temperature 20 degrees, the above breathability comes back and feels cold hands.
I think that it is a very good thing comprehensively.

I bought this because I had the previous version..the EVO is much softer..more of the clarino leather than the first model, the first model has more cow leather on the palm..the fit does not change, soft and light, overall its good for normal street riding..recommended product!

I am only using it during rainy weather.
Immediately after breaking it was used for high-speed long-distance travel between Large Mountain and Hamamatsu.

But with that one use, the palm slip (Black Ibutsubu) Too disappointing that all can be taken away and cling to Handlebar.
I do not attach Grip heater, surely like this Spec. Is not it.

Other than that it was not particularly inconvenient, it was an ordinary Gloves.
Right now with Rain Coat as an emergency Gloves for rainy weapons in Bag.

Aside from being worn out and becoming ragged bolt, opening with a brand new result With such a result, you can not help but have a bad impression no matter how cheap it is.

Purchase for town rides.
It has elasticity and Protection, so it's just right to use in town.
I think that it's thanks to elasticity that you can keep Gloves for a bit of work.

Actually, I am looking for Mesh Gloves, buying from the appearance of the surface fabric whether it is a thick Mesh or not.
I was completely misunderstood, but I wanted a thick 3Season object so let's regard it as good ^ ^;
It is called Soft protector of the back of the hand, saying the condition of the interior, the fit is comfortable Gloves.
By the way, rough & Road's Gloves is my first purchase.
Previously I had plenty of Size XL with Mesh Gloves for Off of FOX, but this time the Gloves is Size notation - M. L. LL. XL. So I worried about LL or XL, but I purchased a little larger L of L. This was a good choice without tightening just about a little fingertips left.
Since the fabric between the fingers and the fingers is a thin one, I am convinced that it is likely to be used other than midsummer.

I tried using it, I could use the feeling of grasping the Grip and the operation feel as usual.
As the index finger and thumb part of the palm is a leather material corresponding to the smartphone, it is still a little tight and is awaiting familiarity.

I think that it is quite good as a 3 Season object with no color in New Color -.