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Merek Top

Because it cannot attach if there is no KOREGA ...

Positions are the goods with it which became very easy. [ high texture and sufficient ]

A position thinks that texture is good high goods by the very polite structure which became very easy.

A design is dramatically good.
Although it is unavoidable that a handle position also becomes a lower part considerably and a position becomes tight as a result since both ends have fallen ...
Good designs are a function and a contrary good example.

PMC is good quality. It purchased for ZZR1100. 1 Set have Top and Bottom. The installation in about 1 hours. Thank you for best service.

Because the OEM was rusty and rusty, I tried to replace it with this item. I think that it is a commodity of self-satisfaction to the last. To be honest, I can only see myself,. I think that Bolt holes are beautiful if they can be made more carefully.

Size and accuracy are good as well. It is six months but it is clean without fading. I think that a little individuality may come out together with Stem Cap.

OEM's Stem Nut was rusted and it felt bad, so I exchanged it.

Because it became iron → Aluminum, although it can be made somewhat lighter, it is not a level that can be experienced, but it looks good when the appearance becomes Beauty.