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(1) the Trinkl battery charger of this SP121 -- the electric cost per hour -- ~ -- only 0.08 yen.
(2) Carry the circuit of a switching type and control voltage and current.
(3) Hold down substantially the object for generation of heat which miniaturizes a trans substantially and occurs.
(4) It is small size and a weight saving, and is palm size.
(5) A coupler ties and as it inserts in ~ outlet.
(Difficult operation of switches is not needed) (6) Circuitry which avoids an accident beforehand in the fail-safe-ized protection network, and does not do damage to vehicles, either.
Domestic [ of a pulse battery charger ] Share 100% ...
Trickle battery charger for two-wheel batteries Share 80% ...
Battery tester for a car and two-wheel barrows Share 70% ...
It will be AUTO CRAFT if it ~ Chooses too!

Since it was the Tohoku district with many periods which cannot ride on a winter season, the measure against a battery was indispensable.
Since it can ride at any time if even a battery is not discharged since it is FI vehicle, the winter season has prevented full discharge with this trickle battery charger.
It becomes unnecessary to connect the trickle battery charger made from a daytona to a battery at the degree of charge by installing the power-source water proof socket of an option in a car body.
Since a socket is always stored in a sheet, this socket is taken out from the inside of a sheet at the time of charge, and it only connects with a battery charger, and it is very simple and convenient, it is pleasing.
Moreover, since there are no Short's worries even if water should leak in a sheet, since it is a water proof socket, it is safe.
It is used in the combination of the plug (66341) for trickle charge machine (68586) + power-source water proof socket (66339) + battery chargers for motorcycles.

Because DAYTONA's Charger broke down, I bought it as a successor. The Instruction Manual is somewhat confusing, but it's easy to use. Even if it keeps connecting, it is good, the flashing of Light etc., the state of Battery is easy to understand. Security is guaranteed for 3 years.

Even if you are using it while challenging frequently until now, Battery is just getting out of power
Even if you replace it like every year, Harley's Engine is finished with cutlets.
This worry is tied up patchily CHARGE, and additionally Waterproof function If this is Large durable! Good luck I purchased a high OEM Battery Target 3 years

I used it soon after it arrived. Battery was weak and the cell did not turn, but I installed it at night and turned on and connected until the morning. It was the first shot starting where Cell tried or tried. I used it on my own with a half-faithfulness, but it looks pretty easy to use and troublesome operation and I like it pretty much. I would like to see the state for two more days leaving the connection. I thought it was good to buy!

I compared it with DisplayCharger of DAYTONA, but this one purchased because it was good overall.
The thing is unexpectedly Compact, I think that it is expected performance though it is not fully utilized yet.
It will be full use in the spring

As it is a weekend Rider, depending on the weather and circumstances, it is often good to have more than two weeks. I was worried about rising Battery, but I'm relieved after wearing this.
Dissatisfied because the code is short (Option products are too long to be suitable for installation) , Because it is not possible to install around the Meter, because the Connector is quite Large, it requires ingenuity for installation, it becomes an obstacle and the texture is not good with the cheap as well.
Other than that, it is easy to connect, it seems that it is also maintaining at the start of charging, so I think that it is good.

Good shopping was made.
I want to use it again.
It was quite difficult to find what I thought, because I was looking for it, so I tried purchasing it.