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Stiker Tutup Tangki mantap!

He bought it, when a spare tank was purchased.
If you buy many things, the inside of the room is full of parts unawares.
I think that it is useful also for prank prevention when you go out, if it is this.

ฝาถังน้ำมัน KITACO Aluminum Tank Cap มีความสวยงานผลิตด้วยวัสดุอย่างดี เปิดปิดง่าย สีสันสวยงาม สำหรับคนที่คนที่ชอบเก็บรายละเอียดของตัวรอถ สามารถใส่ได้หลากหลายรุ่น (translated by Google Translator) KITACO Aluminum Tank Cap is made of fine material. Easy to turn off colorful colors for people who like to keep details of the waiting. Available in various models.

Fuel Cap of 35 years, Rubber became skinny and sealed down soon, so I decided to replace it ... I found this.

It was a mystery how to lock it, but it is convinced of seeing the actual thing.
? When you release the key, the outer and inner structures are integrated
? When locked, it turns round only on the outside
It is extremely simple, but in this case you can not open or close the Tank

Gasoline ceased to leak even when shaking the car body when mixing Oil in Tank while also holding a key. It's natural because it's new...

So it is almost perfect as a comprehensive evaluation. OEM's cheaper than Cap.

The key Wound around OEMCap has become conspicuous so I bought it.
Fixing Bolt * 3, Dummy * 4 comes with.
Although there was a feeling that it was able to fix firmly even with three, I recommend exchanging it with BlackBolt of Length which can fix all seven because it gives a feeling of incompatibility because there is a gap between Cowl and Silver color Bolt somewhat.

The construction of Others is good, when you remove Cap it seems there is no worry of leakage though what Gasoline is attached to the back.
However, because it is also Key less, it is not suitable for people who are nervous to oil thieves and Prank.

Cheap but good product Good item that can give carbon feeling to cheap price Has a scratch-proof effect Good pasting products

High quality item arrived as described. Unfortunately, this item is only compatible with 2013-2015 Groms. The key cylinder for the 2017 Grom is incompatible with this tank cap.

Really low price and unexpected. The edge is fit for GSXR1000R but not the middle part. I think it may design for other model. It is not a pentagons, only one direction is fit perfectly. Very thin and quick weak actually, but it is acceptable for this price.