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GripQuantity of my Motorcycle : Pair (for Left and Right) If the inner diameter, Grip length is known, it is a product with no problem.
At the same time also with Endurance's Multimeter LightFIMODEL
There was a Bullet Terminal for branching on the Multimeter side, so there was no big problem in Wiring.
As a small problem, I also mentioned it on Imim at the Multimeter side,
? Wiring colors of ACC and GND are not unified.
I'm worried about ACC's Wiring thickness.
* Although there is no problem in calculation, we also have Radar, ETC, smart power supply too much without thinking to us
Because it is taking, it may become current shortage?
Since 4 AFuse, since Grieg itself does not need high voltage, I want to make no problem.
there is.
Moreover, since it is not actually used, Charger connection directly to in-vehicle Battery,
I confirmed it until it got clogged with bare hands at 12V voltage condition, but warmth over Gloves was

Komine electric heating Gloves (Warmth is outstanding, however wrist battery and Battery Power Cord interfere)
⇒ DAYTONAGrip Winding Type (It is warm but the Grip diameter becomes too thick and it is useless)
Since I came and had Endurance Grihi history,
Although the Grip diameter becomes slightly larger than the normal Grip slightly, it seems better than the winding type
Endurance Grihi I'd like to expect it.

For installation, Left Side is hard to enter as usual, but it can be pushed with Parkari.
Right Side was rarely a scusca, so use the included aluminum thickness tape for thickness adjustment
We are wearing Throttle tube with added thickness.
We do not use Grip bond, tighten up with Wiring / I fix it
Grip exchange itself is relatively categorized as easier work.
* Without Air compressor you can slide enough at Parkari and you can withdraw it.

After all, at 125 cc, the power generation capacity is insufficient and the energization is cut by a long signal wait. However, I do a lot better than nothing.
As long as I'm running I have somewhat caloric value so it's quite warm, so I will be saved.
Oh yeah, I had a hard time installing Left SideGrip. It is comfortably easy to enter until about half.

I installed it on z125pro.
Body has about the same reliability as used in OEMOption.
The one I bought this time is Kit. In this, WiringKit had a processed Throttle. It's too cheap with just this one.
The installation took power from the Brake's Switch, so it took less than an hour.
The dedicated WiringKit is really nice!
It is effective but the other day the outside temperature is 2 degrees and the snow is dancing GunGun in the situation!
Gloves for ordinary Winter. Of course, without Grip heater it will get cold in 5 minutes and will not move in 10 minutes. But initially 2 / It was just as comfortable with the strength of 5.
Running along the mountains, the temperature will start to fall again. Start falling 4 / I got comfortable as I climbed to the strength of 5.
Operation and temperature can be expected more than expected!
You can rest assured that you can check the status of Battery even when Grip heater is not working.

It is attached to pcx
It will be warm in about 1 minute
First in the setting, Max, ○ Minutes later 3
It is also possible to set
Combined with Handlebar Cover is perfect

HG 115 Universal Product attached to MONKEYFI.
Headlight (Normal valve) And Tail lamp (LED) Since it is converted to direct current, it was uneasy whether there is enough capacity to install Grip heater, but if it is Idling at full HOT it is taken out to the drift but if raising the rotation it will have no problems since it is 14 V out..
Since it monitors the voltage, it cuts down to the set voltage, so it is safe. The function to raise the temperature for a certain time with the reg Rate function, whatever it is, it is considerably Point high with a voltmeter. Even with a voltmeter alone it is expensive to buy with Single Body.
We wired through Relay separately this time, so it was not enough for Wiring in Kit to extend Power Cord.
I want to attach to Vmax too.