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There are no complaints about this price with 9 set.
However, if Holder has a hook for hanging on a wall or the like, I think that I am thankful.

Because S1000RR or BMW can not remove and replace parts without Hex lobe wrench - - - This time to take Tandem Footpeg - - - I thought that probably I did not even sell it to the Home center, and I got it on the wig Big soon.

POSH's "TorqueTaper bolt & Nut set for securing SUSLicense Plate" Although I had purchased it, I needed a tool for installation, I was looking for it and arrived at this product.

The necessary size is only 1 pc of T30, but when you try to buy it at the neighborhood's home center, it is 1 pc, 1 Size. This item of Webike has multiple Size and cheap.
You also want to expand Holder.

I got it at hand and used things of T30 at once, but I could use it without any defects in particular.

I think that it is a tool not frequently used, but if there are multiple Size "No need to lose" "Buy Size separately" There is no such thing.

Those who are considering purchasing Torx wrench may be good candidates.

Although I also have it in Title, I purchased a BMW car so I purchased it because I needed it.
It is still safe KTC. There was a little bit of a sense of mind with buying a set.