Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

I mounted the Nut side of this product on the side of StatorMagnet, screwed a cross from the middle, broke immediately after Tension was applied, I think that the material of Material is bad. Recommendation to use proper Manufacturer's.

I used it with XR 100 MOTARD.
Making is good, Bolt part can be turned thrill by hand.
I do not get stuck
Because it does not take up space with Compact, there is nothing to worry about the storage place of the tool box
I think that it is the best as a tool of Pinpoint
Of course, Flywheel was securely removed.

I exchanged Flywheel for Lightweight Fly Wheel after EngineOH.
With Outer Rotor it is anticipated that low speed Torque will be lost and it will be difficult to get on and this item.
Other people rushing up Impre street lightly feel beautifully in the top.
You can ride the street without problems by just raising idling a little bit.

I used it for Mission exchange of MONKEY.
Some are expensive, but they are necessary enough.
After screwing the Opposite Thread Screw part into Flywheel, turn Normal Thread Screw until it hit Crankshaft and further Glassesetc. Parkin and Flywheel easily come off if you tighten.

Web BigGarage Fly Wheel Puller Black Type

Roring Horizontal TypeEngine and servicing is always a necessary tool.
Products are good making with normal, finishing etc. Particularly bad part is not found, COSPA is good.

By the way, since SUPER CUB etc. can not turn footpeg by hitting a tool, it is necessary to remove quietly around footpeg.

Used to remove Flywheel of XR 100 MOTARD. Since it is a Special Tools that has no other uses other than this, the frequency of use is extremely low, so I'm grateful that it is as cheap as possible.
In my XR, Flywheel got stuck and could not be removed anyway. In such a case, I would like to go out for a long time by adding a long Wrench, but since I will bend the puller, it is better to stop.
When it is hard and can not be taken out, first attach the CRCetc. Blow and lubricate lubricant easily. Next, in order to change the rotational motion of the Puller to the smooth motion to the longitudinal motion, plenty of Oil is attached to the screw portion. To turn Shaft to Smooth, also apply Oil to the tip.
Doing so, after reducing the rotation resistance, if you exercise your hard-working power, you will be out of the pong.

【What made you decide the purchase?】 There was something used for NS Engine in Impression, so I decided on this. (Because it was uneasy because NSR 50 was not listed on compatible model)

【How was it actually used?】 Handling Instruction Manual was written in foreign languages ??only with illustration, but it was intuitive special tool that showed how to use so there was no problem.
Moreover, the movement when screwing is also Smooth, and it was able to use with confidence with firmly making it firmly in strength.
The purpose of this time is to remove the Flywheel and adjust the advance angle of the ignition timing.
1) Holder which separately prepared fuller Wheel (Red sticky two-piece fixture shown in the photograph, Hiroche : WT 04141 Universal holder Powerful or the like. Fix) and loosen Center nut.
2) Since the Screw mountain of Opposite Thread Screw is cut inside the Center part of Flywheel, screw the Puller Attachment to the full with manual tightening.
3) Fits the Attachment to the attached crosshair handlebar (The narrowest) I have Screw, so I will screw it in (Normal Thread Screw)
4)MONKEY Wrenchetc. If you do not fix Attachment with, it becomes hard from the middle and it will not turn. (Photo status)
5) When you apply Torque to the Cross Handlebar from that state, Flywheel that is so hard is coming out.
*) Flywheel has a little weight, so please be careful not to drop it. After installation, it is completed by tightening Center nut with 5, 5 Kg-m Torque.
Flywheel came off with a single shot without difficulty.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell me if there are any improvement points】 I did not need a translation, but please translate (Please enter here Instruction Manual handling notation included. I did not understand the use of other Screw parts in the cross Wrench.

【Have you compared items?】 Wes BigGarage Fuller WheelPuller Black Type, but since MINIMIKO is a little cheaper it was here.

It is a good tool, you can recommend !!

I watched Impre, I bought it for reference and saw it.
Very easy to use, I'm very happy.

For those who are considering purchasing, I'd recommend that.
I think that it will not break easily.