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This would be great upgrade for your regular spouse like back protector that comes with your Komine jacket. It does add some discomfort due to the harder shell but not too much discomfort that would annoy you during riding. Would highly recommend~

Fit feeling) Because it is adjustable, it can be adjusted to the right position.
Quality texture) It is good
Performance function) Rubber belt or Magic tape I want you to stop, T-Shirt gets scratched when you take off, and it seems that it will come off when accident, I am worried, you can go for 20000 yen, so Protector can fix Buckle I want you to
From the appearance, without saying anything!
Cost performance) It is very cheap against the amount of Protector!

It is a person of 167 cm 70 kg, Size is just right, as Riding Pants, because there were various obstacles such as Protector being overwhelmed, position not meeting, "Protector like you use at school is good, is cheap" I bought it by saying.

Exchange from Light Protector attached to Jacket. In Urethane of 10 mm pressure, rather than worrying, I do not want to reduce Risk because I do not want to become a disabled person by falling and banging my back. "Exchange to Hard" is.
Since Circuit's running meeting also goes on, Light protector is mandatory because it is lightning-free Pad and there is no gimmicky and easy to wear, but it is not usable in Circuit driving.
If you ride Motorcycle, we recommend you to protect yourself.

I feel like being cheated by the name of CE2.
I tried various tests to try this Pad.
Have them get hit from the top of Pad.
? Fall from the back to the ground.

Both tests had less impact on other Pads. I think thinness and strength of itself is quite good, but from the viewpoint of protecting the body it may be a subtle substitute. It was a trustworthy product for Thailand Ji.

However, I think that there is a demand for a person who is better than nothing and has good thinness.

Jacket and Inneretc for back Protector compatible. I have some coats for Motorcycle, but none of them are Sponge-like Material in Standard, so I lacked a sense of security and purchase.
Size is common, Komine can also be attached to the relatively luxurious Outer of Thailand and Jacket of Simpson as well so I will use it every time.
Because it is a hard material, I think that the followability to the body of this product itself is somewhat inferior to a soft material, but always feeling the existence stuck on my back feeling pleasantly. Regarding the feeling of Fit, it seems to be a question of how much room is available in the gap between the outerwear and the body to be combined rather than the nature of the product itself.

Since we can not rely on Mesh's Protector, we exchanged it. It is solid, it has a good feeling of Fit, and it is not so conspicuous even from the outside. Compared with Protector of other Manufacturer, I do not know the difference, but because it is KUSHITANIBrand, somewhat higher is flawed in a ball.

Add to Dainese Pro Armor G1, purchase as a body side Cushion www
Although Pro Armor is a substitute for CELevel 2 despite astonishing breathability,
It was a rather solid Rubber Material, so it seems painful as it gets shocked,
It is purchase of this product from soft feeling of Large change.

As shown in the attached picture, hitting the body without disturbing the breathability of Pro Armor also
It is quite nice to be a Mild ww

I think that it is better to stop considering the Guard of the spine with this Single Body.
Urethane of the harder one is stronger and harder side strength of Sponge for kitchen.
Soft Urethane think that those who own KomineJK - 084 have only that 3D Mesh 's repelling power.
(Originally different from JK - 084, but ...)