Shock Belakang Rigid

Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

Barang sampai sesuai pesanan,sangat rapi masih dalam kemasan originalnya, dan juga pas saat dipasang pada helm nya

Produk dan ukuran yg dikirim sesuai dgn apa yg tertulis di Webike dan sesuai dgn pesanan sy. Barangnya msh baru dalam kemasan plastik dan dus yg rapi. Langsung sy pasang di helm saya dan terpasang dgn mudah dan sempurna. Terima kasih Webike.

barang original, pengiriman cepat dan pelayanan sangat memuaskan. recommended seller. kedepan ny langganan di webike

Since it is necessaries although a price is somewhat regrettable, it is touch that it is unavoidable.

It could go and purchased the season which sweats as an object for exchange.
Now, it can wash briskly and can use pleasantly.
Since intense heat also rides on a motorcycle, a rainy day is also saved very much.
Even if he sweats as usual, the cloth of the feel carried out entirely is glad.
However, although he wanted to purchase all inner packages, it was regrettable that the strap cover was missing.

Although he is dramatically smart in appearance and it is items motivated considerably, if it becomes 60 K or more of situation plugs, a wind will hit eyes directly as other people are said.
It becomes a run while he sheds tears.
Although it cannot say having clarified since the comparison with normal had not been carried out yet, a quite severe situation is predicted on a highway.
Probably, the running wind probably wound up from under a helmet is the cause, since a wind enters even if it closes the shutter which takes in the open air of the month.
Moreover, although the point of the thin wire being contained in the deep pool of the guard upper part, and being united with the form of a nose can be evaluated, since a shield becomes cloudy in about 10 seconds after a stop by the waiting for a signal, the guard to the extent that it can be called a breath guard cannot expect.
Since attachment is very easy and it is only substituting for normal, it may also be one hand not to be not much greatly and to bring at the time of touring.
the topic of the talk -- probably, it will be better to think on the level to say.
Since the design is considerably pleasing individually, it is due to continue use it.

Although the helmet of XL size of HORNET-DS was purchased, since its size was not suited but the feeling of oppression was felt, it purchased for size adjustment.
Although which was dubiously purchased with whether a wearing feeling changes sure enough, the feeling of oppression of the head was lost and it became very comfortable.
I also regard it can do simply as it being a good point rather than exchange considered.

It purchases to repair.
It was earlier than to purchase by a manufacturer to purchase here.