Shock Depan Springer

Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

It is dramatically easy-to-use and is large satisfaction.

A design which does not break down the style of a motorcycle in the state where the back is not followed, either is wonderful! Since it supports again so that it may not involve in firmly when a back is attached, he can feel easy very much! The texture of plating is also high-quality and wonderful!

Although attached to the rear carrier at the time of purchase, RIA becomes heavy with movable load, and it is bolt fixation to a rear seat about purchase and a krauser universal adapter at a low price in a used rear seat by an auction.
Only by Locke of the key of a rear seat, since it is uneasy, it is used by a belt, fixing.
Capacity is enough although it swerved from the talk.
If a lid is opened, the belt of a rubber is in the bottom and a top and it can put a load into them independently.
Waterproofness is enough.
Although run in heavy rain for about 1 hour, he had no trace which permeated inside.
Kana which it and a key cannot insert easily just for a moment (--)

Since removal is easy, when not using it, removal is done simply.
Even if that of removal is troublesome and attaches as it is, it is good not to break the image of a car body.
It is user-friendly and structure is also solid.

They are a few carriers which can be used for a buell.
It is 笙ェ which can attach a tail box at last now although appearance is cheap.

The base set & sports rack was purchased and it attached instantly.
The accuracy of attachment condition was also tolerable at perfect bolt on.
Although the attachment description became attachment only by the figure instead of Japanese, the attachment time required was about 15 minutes.
The purchased reason thought as important the place exchangeable for a grab handle according to uses, such as a sports rack.
Although not necessarily compared with other goods, considering structure, I thought that it was comparatively high-priced.

I hear that it does not interfere with riding, and since the slim tank bag was looked for, it purchases.

although the side bag made from leather was used until now -- natural violence -- a tatter, shape collapse, and key nothing -- it came out and made it this! a large -- satisfactory -- all are filled.