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It purchased in order to hear the sound of MOTO GPS RADAR of a daytona by wireless.
although the receiver VZ-7200 of TANAX thought for the candidate - - of the product and charging battery of the maker as small size - MOTO GPS RADAR with more nearly same this one -- a price is [ this one ] cheaper

He bought it in order to attach sanyo gorilla NV-SB541DT to Kawasaki ZRX Daeg.
Since the mounter has broken when it is also disagreeable to buy a cheap thing and to be disappointed and a mobile phone is mounted also although many things were considered.
It is ~~ which spurted this time and bought the thing of the sygn house so that it might not become cheap things waste money! The mount of the sygn house has parted from A parts, B parts, and C parts.
Respectively, there are M-5 series and M-8 series.
If the navigation of a certain amount of heavy weight class is attached, M-8 series is recommended.
The difference among M-5 of M-8 should differ in the size of the diameter of ball mount.
M-8 series is recommended to NV-SB541DT.
Incidentally, the diameter of the ball of M-8 series was 23 mm.
B parts are intermediate arms, if they are M-8 series, will not have a choice and will choose B-4.
It is preeminent only to this price, and it is aluminum shaving, and texture has admiration, and is satisfactory.
The spring is taught to inside and it is convenient out of removal or mind.

[buying motive] The product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [point which got interested] [, [after-use comment], [comprehensive evaluation]

Although it was the antenna stay of ETC, it used as stay of a video camera.
The video camera was stuck on ETC stay in combination with the base for tank caps of a sygn house.
The measures for safety catches are also taken.
Although there is no telling how be as an object for ETC antennas, it is firm structure by the product made from aluminum.

It purchased in order to hear the congestion information of a highway radio, etc.
I think that the die length and texture of a cable are also good.

It seems convenient for Curl DOCODE, but when I actually used it, it was a completely bad product. First of all, although the length is written as 1 m, if you have attached a USB port around Handlebar (I think that it is common) If it is, it will not reach the bottom of Jacket. Strictly speaking, there is not never arriving, but here is the second problem, a design mistake related to the connection is a problem. Because the USB connection is designed with the same way of thinking as ordinary IT equipment or less, it will come out quickly and come off. I knew that a tensile force would be added at the time of using the Curl DOCode, but did not you think of a mechanism to lock this?

Normally Size's smartphone is wearing a Large-grade Protective Holder, so purchase a Size for this Plus. It is exactly right, and there is nothing to rampage inside. It seems that there is some Waterproof function, so I am more relieved than bare when exposed to rain.

There was Cigar socket in SEROW, but in charging with smartphones etc., it can not be charged immediately after removing Cap, so input this. Waterproof Cap is hard, but waterproof function seems to be high accordingly.