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Since the goods which were being used for about ten years deteriorated, it made.
it is this, although it was simple, and was not bulky and the strong and smart thing was looked for -- since the goods ! were not able to be encountered, this product was used after all.
from the first -- a kadoya -- Although it is that it is favorite .. it is strong anyhow!

One year A little, sewing of Shoulder part and Bag Body part was broken - - - Pack

It's fluffy Chinese-made !!

More sewing firmly - - - I bought two LargeSmall ~

Large is just right and Design is also good feeling.
However, since Ring is a little big, it will not move freely if the key hole is small.
Type with Plastic cover on key is scratched because Ring is hard.
But it is cool.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Since the movement of Fastener of a cowhide made Body bag which I used before was about to be broken soon, I was looking for things to use next.
Both Horizontal Type and Vertical Type Body bags have been used for several types, but my usage makes the material of Horizontal Type predominantly easy to use, and also in the place I was searching for saying the same thing this time Design The price also bought it because I found an exactly DEGNER Body bag for my needs.

【How was it actually used?】
?Quality - Texture ?
From BagBody to Belt I got all leather except gold and interior, so I felt it would be long to use depending on Maintenance.
The material of BagBody is goat leather so it is very soft and user-friendly, but when it is used in Touring anyway in daily use it is too soft and durability is a bit worrying.
Belt is made of thick cowhide like the genuine leather Belt for the waist, while also exhibiting the durability unique to cowhide, there is a Grip feeling peculiar to leather and comfortably used without gapping during riding We are. Just when it was used for the first time due to thick leather, it was too hard and there was a strong sense of incompatibility, but I was not wondering if leather had become familiar if used for one month.
Buckle and Fastener of Belt part are also unified with colors like Brass and are full of luxury. Even if you see only the gold tool, you can not think that it can be purchased at less than 10,000 yen at first sight.

The Length adjustment of the Belt part can be easily adjusted just like the Buckle of the waist Belt, so it is nice that you do not need the troublesome Adjuster adjustment like Nylon's Belt.
Since it is necessary to adjust the Length when you are wearing Riding jacket and everyday use things that are immediately adjustable like the Buckle on the Belt Belt are studying well about the motorcycle riding I felt that..
Inside Body there are two Inner Pocket, it is possible to store small items separately.
However, since the depth of the Pocket is 14 cm, it is a little inconvenient for frequent items to be put in and out.
Especially when you are hanging on your body Pocket is too deep so I can not help putting out what I am storing.

Capacity is not as large as it looks because there is no bottom.
After inserting long wallet and iPhone, almost half of the capacity. Work etc etc. Plus it with Plus, it says to passbook, seal, Credit cardCase or something like 7 ~ 8 minutes said.
In Touring, we often wear Side bags and Tank Bags on the car body, so it's handy to carry only valuables with a sense of size that does not get in your way Body bag is really handy.

Maintenance is essential as it is real leather.
I cleaned with the foam Spray type Leather cleaner at 1 month Span and then Ranapa (Leather treatment) We are taking measures to moisturize & waterproof leather.
Especially rain etc etc. When getting wet with the Towel quickly wipe out the rainwater, as soon as possible cleaning and moisturizing and color falling etc. It becomes Damage of.

【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me your weight etc】
At the beginning of purchase, Belt part of thick cowhide was solid to Solidly and it was uncomfortable feeling BALIBALI, but if I continued to use for a month to endure it seems that I gotten familiar with my body considerably,.
The Body part is a goat leather so it is pretty soft finished at the time of purchase, and it fits naturally to the line of the body as shown in the picture of the sixth sheet.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
I think that the depth of the internal Pocket did not manage any more, but considering Balance of quality and price, there seems to be no choice.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
When using for the ride of Motorcycle, Body's goat leather is so soft that it is a place to worry about durability.
It may be slightly heavier, so I personally have the same shape - I think that Body had cowhide items at price, and that one was chosen.

【Have you compared items?】

From Body to Belt, interior decoration and prices other than Buckle and Fastener are cut for 10,000 yen though it is real leather. Moreover, I think that Cost performance is the best because I use the item whose shape and color of the gold tool also stiff..
Since Body bag has insistence, it has been variously drawn from Net mail order to actual store, but so far the excellent item on Cost performance was not honest.
Because my car is a strike Fire, it was a Manufacturer with a rimless feeling, but I am grateful to DEGNER who offers this good thing at a low price. I think that I will regularly use Maintenance and use it forever.

Waterproof Bag is a necessity as it can rain whenever you ride Motorcycle by commuting every day..
The fabric is solid and waterproof seems to be high. I have never used it on a pouring but it seems Large is durable.
Although it is designed to stop rolling the part of the mouth, since the core is hard and it is difficult to stop for a while, the feeling of use is Minus 1.
The Bag I used before was also similar type, so I'm used to it, but people using it for the first time may have trouble putting in and out of luggage.
Capacity is 30-Liter and it is a little large for everyday use, but because I go to Foot monkey on the way back from work, Ball and Shoes, Wear go in, so it is convenient.
In Design, it seems that Yellow color is brilliant and visibility is better than looking at the code on the back and WATERPROOF characters in the photo.
After that I am worried about how durable it is.

I used it for Long touring.
Because it is Motorcycle without storage, I often hesitate to shop at Touring destination, but this time there was this Bag so I did not need to worry.
I will drive with a shawl, but I was able to use it without being displaced.

Wallet and Handkerchief, Small items to use immediately.
The dough is also good and durable, but there is a big question in Waterproof nature - - -

Even if it rounds the opening twice, it loosens quickly and waterproofness disappears (probably - - - ) I do not want the thing inside to get wet so I will put it in the box as it will rain.

Also, I will open and close the roll Top with Black's Metal hook
This is hard to use again - - - If you are in a hurry you can not be dismembered enough to panic - - -

These two improvements are desirable just as Large Ki is excellent

The Waist Bag that I am currently using has been using for 4 years and the opening and closing of Zipper got sweet. The Body bag of DEGNER caught my eyes and tried purchasing it. Leather is soft Soft cow does not have good bad. Small as Small as Accessory Case Large Ki needs only Small limit items. There are also two dividers and two Pocket. You can wear both Waist and shoulder. Since the bottom is not wide as a whole, I am dissatisfied that things do not get too much. It might be good for a slight ride!