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I like PB's Drivers, so this time I purchased only PB's Bit. I would like to make every driver I own own PB! "There are quite a lot of PB products that Webike can not purchase." So, if you can improve, I am grateful...

The reason for purchasing this PB Swiss grip Bit driver handle is that it can be exchanged only for the required Bit, that it can be stored in the Compact, and it fell in love with the texture of PB Swiss grip. In this case the tool box, which has become cramped, takes no place.

It is
Thought by the same fixed method as the Nut grip socket of Ko-Ken that a Bit is fixed, and I think that it is very easy-to-use and convenient.

Although he wanted the electric Impact, since it was expensive and wasteful, it purchased, although an electric drill is substituted.
Since 3/8 Socket for daily use can use [ an electric drill ], when removing much Bolt, such as a Pulley cover, comfort is made considerably. With the Torque of
electric drill Level, it is firm structure to the extent that it was wasteful.

It is T Handle with 1/4 Bit socket of a Magnet type. It is the same appearance as HEX Bit T Handle 204 Series of the company. The Handle of the Gray of the
> revolving-shaft middle is pipe state, and if it holds this and T Handle is turned, it will rotate with Shur Schuell to a Smooth. A holding force is enough although tip Bit maintenance is only a Magnet.

Although being made for T Wrench is convenient, the things (HEX with a pin, TORX-Plus, Pozi, XZN, etc.) which it has in the Bit as since it rarely uses usually, After all, it is too long on it, and since there are also already things in a Screw with the thin die length (the rotation diameter direction) of T Handle in an Overtorque by Handle 止まった段階 if it turns in the direction which will be fastened if it is about M5 with シュパッ as 調子乗, it requires a degree. conversely, the direction to loosen -- already -- turning -- wonderful -- coming out -- the shin.
> -- since the handle of T Handle has become in midair and a Bit can be stored, although I use chiefly at a Garage -- in-vehicle -- I think whether it is convenient also for business.

Although it is *-1 in that as for which quantity is a little, since it can save if 204 Serieses are compared with that of required Size 揃える, it may be good also for such a use.

It purchases as a Driver for in-vehicle tools. In the Grip which the
Slim and power tend to put in, no less than eight Bits made from PB are contained. the
Bit -- also biting -- it is good and easy-to-use. Although there is no usage どころ very much for the moment [
] except a Plus bit,
possession is a tool which also has the joy to carry out and which he buys and can be regarded as good.

It is an adapters for attaching the socket of 1 / 4sq (6.3sq) to a [Webike-monitor] KTC ratchet driver.
If it has a socket in this driver several kinds, it is found useful on touring etc.

It purchased for bolting work with 3/8 torque wrench.
Since it is only a bit even if it is arranged at a low price and the point of a bit gets somewhat bad, since general + and hexagon bit of 1/4HEX can be used if there is this, it is freely exchangeable.
Although the tool of a signet has a cheap price, since it thinks that especially accuracy is bad and does not become precocious, I am pleased.
I think that it is recommended in order to arrange a tool, without being cheap and taking a place.