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Ratchet Handlebar is very convenient with Compact.
Although it can not be used in high Torque, it is very good for an in-vehicle tool for emergency.
Because it can be stored as it is with Case, I think that Space should allow it.
Because I own SIGNET's Ratchet Micro driver together,
Even so Torque is necessary enough!

It is easy to use Ratchet set. Design of Case is also good, Size is also good. Ratchet can also switch (Naturally?) Compact and easy to use! Very fit with Standard tool.

Used for Plug replacement immediately. There is no problem if the surrounding of the plug is Opening like Harley, but because there is no Hold function inside the Wrench, in a vehicle with a Plug in the Plug Hall, detachment of the Plug - It may not be easy to install.

I did not have an Inch tool and purchased Inch tools for the first time but I investigated a variety of things from expensive things to cheap ones I did not know which one is good I chose the cheapest gold price for the time being I am satisfied enough, It was cheap as well.

I purchased it because the second hand FTR 223 did not have an on-board tool.
I still use it only for detaching Battery, but for the time being I think that necessary tools are provided.
I am satisfied with Cost like.

Because I did not have a tool for Small Nut, I bought this product with Sale as a machine.

I have not had Rachet Type tools before and I am also looking forward to being a trusted JAPAN, but I am extremely easy to use and satisfied.

Extension bar which can be extended for a place with depth and set to universal joint for bent place, these can also be used together.

Case is kinda cheap feeling, but since the tool is the purpose, there is no problem at all.

I purchased it because I needed an Inch tool.
All necessary tools are included and it is cheap anyway.
We have not used all the tools yet, but for now there is no problem.
Orange color tool box also shines very much.

It was necessary for maintenance of Motorcycle using Torque and purchased. If you have Sunday mechanic, especially Owner such as BMW, I think that it is a useful and useful tool.