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The quality of a product is touch of although put.
weight and accuracy -- also varying -- it is few.
As a physical feeling by having exchanged, although felt considerably, in spite of having adjusted some compression ratios, a cell seems to be quite tight.
I feel after all that a one way clutch is likely to be crazy.
It became thermal quite severe.
This is also simultaneously considered for correspondence to be required after all.

c50 6v I used it for late CDI.
CylinderHeight63. 4?Metal gasketSpec. At 12v for
Piston but compression ratio 11. 4 : I think that about 1 could be secured.
Although it is an Engine of LLCrank which is hard to upgrade, selling good things at a low price
Manufacturer who gives down is not about minimoto.

Response is bad, Torque feeling also does not have high revolution I wanted to buy it.
Because it is an air-cooled single cylinder, it can be exchanged without using a lot of tools, but I think that it is difficult to understand a bit with the instruction manual alone. I think that you can do it easily if you are an experienced.
For assembly, it is necessary to create a gold tool to be used for stopping the rotation of Camshaft Chain Tensioner, but you can make it easily if there is only a material. By the way, Bulker was within the standard value even without adjustment.

Impression after exchange was improved with Response, Torque feeling, it became a natural feeling that I thought this was the original fee Ring. By the way, Air Filter, Exhaust System has been exchanged.

I am happy that Piston Pin's Stopper looks like an OEM and it's easy to install and remove.
Next time I would like you to think about removing.
I am a bit worried that Piston ring is 1 pc.
The rest is generally satisfying..

I bought it as I tried to exchange Piston as well as 124. The significance of Apex μ can be experienced only by Smooth when putting oil and inserting it into the hole of Piston. However, it is clear that quality control is bad as the inside was rusted though it is as good as new. I thought about returning, but since we do not have any relationships, we will only use rust drops. It is regrettable though it is recommended item ...
Piston of Mukawa river has a thing with a Pin length of 36 mm so please measure Pin length well before purchasing.

It is a product with excellent cost performance.I am running for several thousand Km but it runs without problems It is a reliable product. Improve little max speed

It is a product with excellent cost performance.I am running for several thousand Km but it runs without problems It is a reliable product. Improve little max speed

Since TIGRA's Engine Parts are not quite so, we have dealt with additional work again.

Originally the compression ratio 11 : TIGRA with a high compression ratio of 1, but when you enter High Camshaft the punch is gone. Probably because Valve is open for a long period of time, the effective compression ratio may have dropped.
So High Camshaft got Normal piston because it was called High compression piston and compared it with High compression piston of Standard Bore size for CYGNUS made by KOSO.

◆ KOSO's Piston's own evaluation
I thought it was very good and very good compared with PGOOEM Product.
Oist pool of Piston Pin boss hole, OIL hole to Piston skirt etc.. , PGON normal processing was not done in piston. Material is like high-strength Duralumin which can be machined crisply. I figured out later, Piston PinOffset reversed TIGRA.

● Check the bore diameter system
Normally for Piston for Water-cooled Engine, Piston becomes higher temperature than Water-cooled Engine, so it is considered to be more clearance considering thermal expansion. However, it seems that there is not much difference between Large. Furthermore, because the diameter of Piston Top Land becomes Small, it is concerned that it will become a big eyelid.

● Check height direction
When comparing with Piston Pin as starting point, KOSO Forged Piston is about 1 mm on the Piston Pin, so processing is necessary. TopLand is shaved 1 mm by Risk Base Gasket 1 mm Addition
Since there is a problem of Timing Chain, I set Piston 0. Shave 5 mm and base Gasket 0. It was decided to make it 5 mm thick.

● Valve Recess position confirmation
INT is nearly together EXT because TIGRA is closer to the center, so additional work is required
However, if PistonTop is set to 0. Because it cuts 5 mm, processing on the INT side is also necessary

● Compression ratio examination
The compression ratio is 12 : I assumed about 1, but there was concern that it will become somewhat expensive even after applying the above processing. I decided to process a round indentation in the middle of Piston where the plug is located, referring to the Piston shape information that avoids Knocking that matches the Technical Report of MazdaDemiio's high compression engine.

Other than that there was no problem such as Piston Pin diameter.
Since the direction of processing was decided, a jig for additional processing was prepared and processed with a lathe and a milling machine.

After processing, clay was affixed to Piston, temporarily assembled, confirmed the interference condition of Valve and made a book.
The compression pressure is 13. 5kg / Cm 2

As we scooped out the Engine, we port polished ports and Intake manifold with Flap wheel to polish the surface with Tripoli and Felt buff.

After the break-in run and trial run, I returned to a healthy feeling before High Camshaft was launched.
I think that it is equivalent to Fine tuning rather than improvement of horsepower.
When looking at the air-fuel ratio meter somehow the air-fuel ratio is 0. It feels like it got about 5 thinner.

Piston slap sound is slightly bothersome but not too bad.
It is suppressed around 9000 rpm in Weight roller setting, but it may be good to rotate a little bit. I'm thinking of putting Reinforced Valve Spring for KOSO's CYGNUS.