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It is attachment WR250X.
Since the power source and the signal line were only taken from ECU about attachment, it was comparatively easy.
now -- using it -- it is -- although -- it is better for there to be a tachometer in riding on town riding or touring too.
It is useful also for a fuel consumption run.
By its own vehicles, it has checked that idling setting out was too high.
Although [ like decoration ], it is hard to see a rotational bar display as a not quite satisfactory point.
It cannot be concluded that it is not made the angle was started considerably.
The panel of it and the surface gets damaged easily.
Although it took care and he thought that it worked, the abrasion stuck instantly.
Although it will end if it becomes severe since it seems that there are replacement parts and will exchange.

[buying motive] The product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [point which got interested] [, [after-use comment], [comprehensive evaluation]

[buying motive] The product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [point which got interested] [, [after-use comment], [comprehensive evaluation]

Since the pure tachometer had been broken, it purchased together with the speedometer.
Although normal could be sufficient, he changed and has noticed that it was a correct answer.
Appearance thinks that it is considerably closed at a simple and it came to be visible.
so that it can also attach not seeing a description -- being easy (bolt on) -- it is exchangeable at a speedometer and 20 in all~30 minutes.
The accuracy of the meter has also improved and this price thinks that it is very handy.
Although visibility is good also at an angle of as [ this ], I think that it will become more legible if stay is raised and attached to a slight degree.
I think that it can work to a smooth in the case of attachment if you buy two female terminals (a speedometer and four pieces in all) since wiring of illumination is a male terminal if one notes are written.

I use it attached to Scooter. Easy to install, waterproof nature is also a problem no matter how little rain.
It's about a month's worth of use, and the rest is durable. I like it very much.. Think about installation
Recommended for those who are.

I installed Bracket on my own CB 223S.
Texture - Visibility - The shape is a perfect score.
Clocks on the display - Thermometer (Sensor Optional) - Operating time
Maximum temperature. Because the maximum revolution speed is displayed, it is in Touring
Very useful multi-function.
Still it was Refreshing Simple design, Plating also
There is luxury and it is quality as good as OEM Product.
Installation is based on general external fitting Meter installation
Instruction Manual is also a kind FOR JAPAN MODELLarge hand Manufacturer item so you can rest assured
If you give a disadvantage to a disadvantage, the price is a bit expensive?
I add a Temperature Sensor and use it as an Oil Temperature Gauge.

I bought it because I changed SR 400 to electric type Tachometer.
Since O-ring is not attached, I think that it is good to separately purchase OEM Parts Number of 93210-14104 59 separately!
Things of with O - ring are coming out from other companies, but since this one is overwhelmingly inexpensive, it is Recommendation (` - ω - ´)

It may be a matter of how to install, but the needle is rampant and can not be read correctly.
I am giving up because I can know the approximate number of revolutions.