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Merek Top

It attached and broke down in only one day.
It is the worst.
It is a skull mark, not to mention a star.

It is bright.

BANDIT 1250S were equipped.
a grip heater and ETC -- since additional electronic autoparts were increasing in number, it aimed at reducing the part whose electric amount of consumption increased.
Since it exchanged together with the tail lamp, he has a feeling in which the circumference of rear one became tight.
Touch whose liking of one the light made into BISHITSU of LED suits.
since a number plate does not necessarily become hard to see, it is satisfactory also in traffic regulation -- it is .

[Text completion] It purchases to LED-ization of a number lamp.
Although I thought that there was no color also blue, there was nothing also yellow, and you could shine snow-white, light did not become bright only by carrying out [ spread ] Pons attachment than expected, so that there is no number in a direction of radiation and it expected also by 3LED.
It seems that it is important in order for using for a place which illuminates the direction of a tip of an electric lamp in spot to demonstrate real value since it became bright when the reflector was made and adjusted.

Cling to a black bird.
The electric lamp of the meter had burned out, and since it was dark, this was attached.
Since he liked red, it was made red.
It became a legible and smart meter very much.

Since power dissipation was small, it expected to be connected with derating of a battery and purchased.

Since it could be preeminent for * brightness which he wanted to use for the number LGT of yamaha YZF-R6 made into the fender-less by itself, and was purchased, wanted the moderate thing, but.
when delivered goods were attached, exactly good brightness has been secured! 笙ェ which it fits changing into the tail part of M character of R6 firmly as description of item, and is large satisfaction -- too thin wiring common to cheap LED goods -- not but,
Durable wiring is extended, and even after also attaching attachment, there is no uneasiness and it is using it.
It is this remarkable recommendation!!!

We have completed exchange installation from OEMPosition lamp to this item. White will light up brightly even during the day. Since Headlight had been converted to LEDs earlier, Balance improved with this. It was slightly uneasy that the replacement work had gotten caught in the shallow stage of the Socket when inserting this LED, when OEMPosition was removed from the Socket, that the workability was poor if Position had almost removed the Full cowl, was. Sometimes I was not used to Valve of T10 Type, I was lost in the power adjustment. Although the main driving was only during the daytime, I felt that even a little bit leads to visibility.