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Belanja Berdasarkan Model

selalu puas belanja di webike. barang original dan sesuai deskripsi. plug and play. cuma pengiriman agak lama saja

Because it cannot attach if there is no KOREGA ...

Positions are the goods with it which became very easy. [ high texture and sufficient ]

A position thinks that texture is good high goods by the very polite structure which became very easy.

A design is dramatically good.
Although it is unavoidable that a handle position also becomes a lower part considerably and a position becomes tight as a result since both ends have fallen ...
Good designs are a function and a contrary good example.

PMC is good quality. It purchased for ZZR1100. 1 Set have Top and Bottom. The installation in about 1 hours. Thank you for best service.

Because the OEM was rusty and rusty, I tried to replace it with this item. I think that it is a commodity of self-satisfaction to the last. To be honest, I can only see myself,. I think that Bolt holes are beautiful if they can be made more carefully.

Size and accuracy are good as well. It is six months but it is clean without fading. I think that a little individuality may come out together with Stem Cap.