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Since the motorcycle was a ninja, it purchased, but I think that it is bought since the price is cheap, and there is no loss.

-- KAWASAKI:kawasaki leather compact key case product number: -- the vehicle type 2011 spring and summer corresponding to J7002-0117 merchandise information -- Cowhide a [size] Catalogue printing model goods details a [raw material] the key case of 35x70x15-mm type aggressiveness leather.
Two or more keys are stored in a compact.

It is lightly easy-to-use than expected.

KAWASAKI kawasaki : The kawasaki loop key ring .
product number: -- J7002-0097 merchandise information Correspondence vehicle type 2011 spring-and-summer catalogue printing model Details of goods color -- : -- a white -- [ -- a raw material -- ] -- synthetic leather -- : -- a polyben coastal -- -- [ -- a size -- ] -- 26 -- x -- 77 -- x -- six -- mm -- carbon -- a tone -- a high grade feeling -- overflowing -- a stylish -- having expressed -- a key ring --

Since it was cheap, it purchased, but quality was felt good than expected.
The key ring of a kawasaki is recommended well at a person needed.

He is foppish! It is attached also to the belt, feels [ are, ] and is !.

It is cheap although it is cheap.

It is nonchalant and advertizes a motorcycle lover with a tie.
Business results also have no UP mistake now.