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The handle of the wrench is sturdy and has a nice rubber coating on it. The adjustable mechanism is nice and can be hand tightened sufficiently. The pins however are not very strong and a tightly jammed lock nut will cause the pins to bend. I have already bent the pins while opening a lock nut on a damper. However for light work it is quite adequate and price is cheap too Stronger pins would have gotten it a 5 star rating.

The MINIMOTO Lock Nut Wrench is the first part/tool you should buy if you intend to do any workbehind the right crankcase cover. Don't start work without the Lock Nut Wrench. It fits the GROM clutch and oil filter lock nuts perfectly. I used it for Oil Pump upgrade, Oil filter upgrade and Clutch (to Slipper) upgrade. Buy it before, you start lookingat any upgrades under the right crankcase cover. I repeat "A MUST HAVE TOOL".

JA 07 Primary side of SuperCUB 110 (Centrifugation) Used for maintenance of Clutch. Pulley holder etc. are necessary to prevent co-rotation, but it was possible to use without problems.
It may be a story limited to SuperCUB 110, but somewhat sitting is bad, as long as the nail length is long. Although it does not matter if used with caution, it is hard to say that it is easy to use.
Because it is cheapest, if you touch the engine around the Honda car, I think you will not lose it if you buy it.

It is essential for detaching and installing PCX Clutch.
Although it is also in Review of other people, accuracy is not so good and Lock nut and Exactly do not fit.

It might lick if you do not work while pressing it?
If you press it you can use it as usual, but that side attention is necessary.

Got this for the PCX rear clutch large nut. Good quality product but too shallow once your torque wrench/ratchet is inserted because of the threads that protude from the shaft. I was able to get it to work by withdrawing the 1/2" square drive a little so the socket shoulders would engage the nut flats, nonetheless its a flaw at least in regard to this application.

Ducati's Rear tire purchased for center nut removal.
Although it is a shape that Nut is not easily hung thinly, it holds firmly in this product.

DAYTONA 's Clutch lock nut socket looked very similar and I purchased it accidentally.
Try to deliver the item, before opening it "Huh?" I think.

I did not notice it in the picture of Net,
The real thing is that the hole of the Socket is 2 to 3 mm recessed one step
When trying to loosen Scooter's thin Clutch nut of about 4 mm
There is a gap in the hole of Socket where Nut and Nut are engaged, and it does not mesh well
(Feeling that I tried matching the real Nut).

If you use it as a socket to relax the thin Nut of for Clutch,
(I am sorry in a tough way of speaking) This gap is fatal, but what is it?.
If you try to loosen the hard Nut of a real car, you are likely to lick Nut.

This time it was before opening the product, so I'm thinking if I can return it.
I will rebuild to DAYTONA's Clutch lock nut socket

I bought it to remove Scooter's Clutch, but there is a gap in shape, I can not remove it because I can not make it close to Nut. It was a commodity that was not even useful for shit. I wasted in vain and I want you to return Gold.