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I used Nipper that is 100 yen uniform before but the quality is still better.
Easy to use, I thought that the weight feeling when I had it could not be done with 100 yen.
It is not so high and is generally good.

I got lost as KNIPEX, but the bar code is thinner at the tip of the blade and working on Motorcycle (Disconnection of Tie Wrap etc.) I thought that it was suitable for purchasing. Of course if you cut at the root you can also cut the Piano line lightly.
Also, since the picture is the previous MODEL, we recommend that you purchase from those who wish there (Pictures may change on the way).
The new MODEL is easier to put in and out of Spring, but those who can do off-road and people who touch Oil sticky hands are easy to enter Garbage in the gap, so KNIPEX, wiha, MODEL before Bar Code etc. But maybe. Those who want to care Bar code is suitable for Motorcycle work.

Purchased because the sharpness of Nipper on hand is getting worse.
The commodity itself was Size to fit in the palm and the cutting edge was thin, so I was concerned about the sharpness, but when you actually cut it you can cut off the pass.
As Main is for Tie Wrap, the blade will never be damaged soon..

Since the cutting edge is thin and thin, Cut of Tie Wrap in the back is easy as well.

I bought it as a tool for Motorcycle, but the application is various and it is the best one for electronic work. Even though Nipper, I will do a reasonable amount of gold, but if I think of life as cheap.
Even the ease of use is perfect, the handy feeling is also the best because the making is also truly KNIPEX, and satisfaction is quite high even after making from looking appearance.
This Type has Clamp, so cut it, for example Tie Wrapetc. When you cut it will not be removed, will remain grasped.
So, the disconnected Garbage will never remain in Motorcycle or surroundings. People who have trouble with it, I think that it is good to choose without Clamp.

The grasped touch is very good.
When especially cutting requires power, this Grip form and construction material have sense of security dramatically. It is good also in
Design, and since it is easy to find a red Grip color also in a tool box, it is found useful.

Although the Nipper has used KNIPEX regularly as one of the own account tools used from ancient times in an office, there is no turn of this MODEL in Motorcycle maintenance at a Garage. Although there may be turn when taking out the circuit board of Meter Assy and dealing with an electronic circuit board simple substance out of a Garage -- It is this Comfort-grip Type that was updated recently [

No. 1 ]. It is easy-to-use also to the place where the edge of a blade is thin and narrow, and a cutting plane is also smooth. Since it is a product made from a STAINLESS STEEL, a good place can also maintain beauty to a life. After all, since it is the consumable goods for work, considering the Balance of the engine performance, a life, and a price, this neighborhood is used, continuing all the time.

[Webike Monitor] It is as reputation and goes out well. Since it is easy to put in power that it is very much easy to have a place of a Grip thickly, it is good. Since it is the structure whose dental portion is also fairly strong, durability is also expectable. It purchased and was a correct answer.

Although it is expensive, a cutting edge is hardly strongly missing rather than the Nipper which was being used until now, and it goes out very lightly. Moreover, it is good, and power is added easily, thanks to a thick Grip, and the skid effect of a Grip is also easy-to-use. The Nipper of
KNIPEX is very much pleased with many kinds of product.