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What made you decide the purchase?】

Since Blowby leaves two places, I thought that it would emulsify from Endurance's Oil catch tank? I replaced it. Since it is not yet winter, the effect is later.

【How was it actually used?】

I could mitigate the emblem much more than the Endurance's thing. Is it still an advantage to get out of two places.
After that, in winter it was good at Endurance and water was accumulated in Large quantity, so it would be better if the effect got better in 2 places.

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】

Installation is simple. Quantity of Clutch cover : Remove 2 pc and pinch Mounting Hardware. After that fix the tank to the gold tool. Connect Hose and you are done..

【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】

Please note the threading of the Bolt on the Clutch cover for installation. It is loosened tightening at 10 nm.
If you put too much force, it will easily thread out.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]

I knew it, but it is a hassle to undo Hose once you open the Oil slot.
And it is difficult to remove Body's Clamp.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]

I would like to make Body easier to remove.
Oil Filler Cap is also perfect if you can take it without removing Hose.
【Have you compared items?】

Origurally used Endurance Oil catch tank.


I do not know if it will be an emulsification countermeasure yet in winter, but mitigation of the emblem was quite effective.
It looks better than the Silver color of Endurance, it gained a sense of unity with the engine and it became very good.
The price is a little expensive, but it is a product with a high level of satisfaction.

I installed it in solo of Honda.
SteamPuncture & Cafe racer like to aim and Custom.

Once Rose, paint Hose and Tank Body Copper Plating and install.
Because it was for MONKEY, I had a little ingenuity, but I could do Bracket kneading and attach it safely.
If you have a car with CUB system Engine, I think that it will manage any car type

By the way, I do not expect the performance effect.
As long as it is not Solidly's High tuned engine, it will not change so much that Fe Ring can be experienced by Crankcase internal pressure - - -

However, it seems that Custom feeling is very apparent and it is cheapest!
Those who are thinking about installing in terms of performance recommend a proper Mukawa product, etc. However, if it is important to look it is recommended.

I installed it in Miekawa's Die Cast Clutch Cover.
For the vehicle equipped with the Up Exhaust System, you will need separately 0 0 0 0 6 - 000 1 90-degrees Swivel Breather cap. If it is 55 degrees included, the angle is bad and hits the Silencer. Exhaust System will not be attached. (Made by Over)
Installation sticking to the OEM tool box if sticking to Normal look is outstanding.

It is a feeling that I said this price just by honesty.
It is slightly cheaper than other companies' products, but the effect is the same as Chinese product.
It is about half as much as things that are good if built in Chinese.

There are three holes in Engine → Tank that made this product, but if you use only two places you can close with ordinary Bolt.
Because I did not have fashionable Bolt at hand, I closed it with normal Stainless bolt, but I think whether it looks good if I use GoldPlating bolt etc..
Because other companies' products can not do any extra holes, I think that this product is good for high degree of freedom.

After that it is good for KITACO products "Not enough"
Hose is short. The time of Oil cooler was also short.. I think that there may be a Length to discard a little longer.
Rubber packing wrote in need of exchange and cheat sheet, etc. I wrote that this product was using OEM.
Because these are not so expensive, I wanted you to add extra.

☆ Three so I am sorry for the shortage!

I think that one degree of freedom is good.

great product for the money, can also be on time for a mull, don\'t be late though as a monkey will smoke it all. scissors or electric muller works best. has nice hose that wont block if you smoke lots through it. could also be used as a dildo but not recommended.

It is made in SP Mukawa truly. The angle of an Oil return is perfect for the Special clutch cover of the
MONKEY. I think that a Return is thicker than two kinds which were being used till
now, and it is hard to blow an Oil even if a Breather opens since a Separator is seemingly in an inside.

In explanation of goods, although right-hand side Side-cover use is impossible, it can be used. Sufficient die length is attached and the
Hose is also satisfactory. It is just going to say that a Hose end and a liquid Gasket must be prepared separately as a reason of

Since it exchanged for the Down muffler, it purchases in order to maintain a left-hand side Cover and Balance. Although it has done by making
> being beautiful, the Logo of TAKIGAWA is [ claim / it / too much ]?