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ของจาก daytona มีคุณภาพอยู่แล้วคับ อีกทั้งคุณภาพ มาตรฐานการผลิตจาก ญี่ปุ่น เปนที่ยอมรับมานาน จึงทำให้สินค้าจากญี่ปุ่นเป็นที่ยอมรับสำหรับนานาประเทศ

I was bored with carburetor's sympathy and could not help it, I bought it unexpectedly.
While doing speed control during Touring, I decided to work thinking that it was too synchronous, even though it was geeky while running at low speed or the sound was funny.
Although there are various Vacuum gauges, I made it to DAYTONA of trust again.
The work situation was easy. Point to be aware of is to adjust the Screw to be adjusted at the same time little by little without turning GRUGRU.
1 / Turning 4th and looking at it is working while returning.
It was about 15 to 20 minutes in time

Work is over and it's time for trial operation
Great, it got easier to ride. Smooth rushing
What is impression.
A little disappointing is that the container is unlikely to go for the stage Ball.
I think work situation will come out easily. I think that there is considerable value to look at.

I chose DAYTONA as a reliable product if it's a product. Usability is good, balance adjustment is completed easily. However, since I changed the setting of carburetor about a month later, I set it again, and Gauge got 1 pc. It does not move at all, another 1pc. Even Gauge's swinging is slightly different from a normal needle.
Measurement etc etc. , Open Throttle with Valve open. I knew that it would be damaged if I performed the operation, so I was using it carefully enough and it has broken even though I did not do the wrong operation. I have two months to buy it yet. It probably is a product not covered by the warranty because there was nothing like a warranty card, but it has been broken too easily, you can not trust DAYTONA anymore.
Regrettable though it was a good product except durability.

I used it for tuning adjustment of two cylinders.
Because similar products are available from various Manufacturers, I was lost as to what to do, but I made this product as DAYTONADAYTONA system.
The feeling of use, the scale is too many, the range of 20 to 40 often used is too narrow.
To be used by myself, it was good that only negative pressure can be applied.

Although it is not frequently used personally, precision machinery does not want to buy cheap items.
Kowa Seiki is the best Vacuum Tester.
It is favorite..
Synchronization becomes an individual's arm - -

Although I have few opportunities to use, I do not feel like using anything other than Kowa Seiki.
Attachment may be unnecessary depending on the model.
If you get on Motorcycle forever Kowa Seiki is definitely better

I bought it for synchronization adjustment of CB 750 carburetor.
Making details is also easy to use.
However, because there is no exclusive case for exclusive use of expensive tools, I think that those who bought Case can safely store after separately measuring Size.

I was satisfied with the performance, but I wanted Case and the point that I thought it was good if I had a gold tool or string to fix it when hanging the equipment. After ordering, with Case of other Manufacturer in Oku 9. I regretted a bit for seeing it sold at 8K.