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The structure is Ball and Spring. After use it can be disassembled and cleaned.
It is a product that I think I should have used earlier, it is very easy to exchange Fluid. Just work to open and close Breeder is gone but work Speed ??has been up.
Until now I've connected Hose to Breeder, loosened Lever and tightened, and I was doing it without using the attached Hose clip as before, but pressure was applied to Hose wearing Breeder and it gained momentum Hose came out and Fluid scattered. Please be careful.

Motorcycleetc with Cowl. , Perfect for fine work.
However, in places where hands are difficult to enter, the place where the tool can move is also limited, so GEAR's piece is even better if it is a little finer.

Body Weighing is light and if it is a Manufacturer who passed its name for the first time, I thought that durability was also a problem and chose SIGNET products. There is no problem with texture.

I purchased Hexagonal Wrench with Driver and I purchased a Handlebar which is great for keeping it in Small Side Touring bag.
I exchanged the exhaust system of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA today but the space in the Exhaust pipe part was narrow and normal lathe handle Handlebar did not enter and used this Wrench. If I had not bought this, the work probably was extremely difficult for difficulty. I am glad I bought it

I wanted a T-Type Wrench for the tool to bring to the Circuit, but when I match each Size, I purchased this product because there are too many tools.
It is easy to apply force, it becomes T - type Wrench, and it is Large transformational treasure.

6. 3sq. I did not have a Slide Head Handlebar so I bought it. Whether this price is A little expensive just with Handlebar. If you set with LongExtension you buy it.

Although I used it before, I expanded the hair outward and became difficult to use, so I bought it again. It is easy to hold and it will not be easy to polish. I think that it is a necessity item for Maintenance.

I do not understand the meaning of the item description and the photograph before purchase and I will buy it thought that it will manage somehand manual is not included and what is what in what state of unassembled RoseRose. I thought that the product arrived and used thought Concerning seeing the item description of HP. It is impossible to choose the type of car and use Air Compressor to write it and use Tire's air while writing. Should be discontinued