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I used Stainless tray for cooking that I purchased elsewhere, but since it has become increasingly necessary to disassemble and maintain the Engine, I purchased it.
Large Ki is also almost the same as what I am using now and the price was cheap by several hundred yen so I bought two, but a delicious thing arrived.
I am using it because it does not matter for use, but the texture is somewhat unsatisfactory.

I bought it for shipping fee adjustment. However, it is convenient to use variously as it is at hand. I thought it was a little Large, but Motorcycle's Parts are bulky, so temporarily placed parties are removed, cleaned up with Parts cleaner and received Oil. Also, with this large size, there is no other price, there is nothing dissatisfactory in how to use this kind of thing even if it is a bit thin. it's recommended.

It is necessary to gather parts for maintenance of Motorcycle
I often use the tools to use frequently.
Because Tray is Large, it is extremely easy to clean up by removing the Chain and cleaning it
Most of all, although it is cheaper than other Manufacturers, it is satisfactory also for Cost performance because it can be used firmly.

It is very useful when there is maintenance of Motorcycle.
If you leave deleted parts collected, you will not have to look for them later.
I will finish without losing anything.
If you do not have Tray, I definitely would rather have one or two.

During parts replacement and Oil change of Motorcycle
If you do not do the cleaning work on these things
Purchase Parts tray because it will get dirty
Easy to use and light
I think that you can use it for User from skater to Liter machine
I think that it will also prevent loss

Air cleaner Purchase for cleaning.

It is truly a two-hour tray.
It would be nice to soak Air Cleaner, but could you use it for carburetor etc?

If you want to put Bolt kind etc, you can use Tray of with Magnet, and if it is useful for parts not so, we can make it cheap.

It is very useful when doing maintenance at Garage.
Put in the removed Parts, become a dirty dish when using Parts cleaner, Webike GarageMaterial : Stainless Steel Parts tray is Large indeed anyway!

Size is plenty at 388 mm X 282 mm X 50 mm.
Material is SUS 304 and strong against Rust and Oil dirt, Can Gun can be used.
The weight was lighter than I imagined from Size, and it measured only 394 g.

I attached pictures to Impression so please refer to it for reference.
What is in Tray is the hub of Drive Sprocket side of ZZr 1400, Color, Others Oil seal and Nut.
Before purchasing I felt that Large would be too long, but the result was exactly Size.
How is it? SizeLarge is not too good.

Light work such as a little Parts removal and Oil exchange - I put Screw and Small Parts that I removed during maintenance, or put tools and put it in handy. Because it is Compact, I put it in the Rear box of Motorcycle for each tool.

Seal of Wye Big and Seal for product management are affixed to the bottom of Tray and it is a type of thing that can not be cleaned beautifully, so this point is very wasteful. I would like to improve it by all means.