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Pertama kali melakukan pembelian di webike indonesia , sangat puas dengan pelayanan CS nya Dan produk yang di jual juga sesuai keinginan ; produk bagus . Terimakasih webike Indonesia , sukses selalu

Purchased because the maintenance Gloves I used before was torn..
It is easy to use feeling familiar to the hands.

However, there is a very small Smell....... It will be possible to get there someday

spring - I purchased it by searching for Gloves for summer. I thought that this is the most comfortable item, but I purchased it more easily than I thought, and I do not feel any sense of incongruity when driving Motorcycle.
Especially hot summer is easy to handle.

Usually Gloves is Exactly at L Size, but it seems to take time to get familiar with a little shit.
Was it OK with Large Yu Size again?
The making itself is solid and it is used for off-road driving.

Until now I was working with gloves or bare hands, but I purchased it because I was afraid of danger and fear of injury.

It is not too thick and not too thin, so it's easy to work fine.
As expected it is difficult to pinch Small Screw etc....

Because it is somewhat convenient, I also use it for light work such as load carrying.

Since dirt is not conspicuous, please be careful not to touch the Ukari face etc. as it is during work - - - -.

It frees us from dirty work such as Grease, Oil, Chain cleaning. It is saved because it handles Small Parts in bare hand sense as it does work Gloves because it fits in thin hands. It also plays an active part in washing Air filter. Although I can not expect much durability, I am satisfied with the unfortunate price even if I use it more and more with disposable feeling.

Since I often injure my hand when I am maintaining Motorcycle I felt the necessity and purchased it.

I usually use Komine's 3XL Gloves so I bought 4 L, it's a bit small. I can not put it all the way in the back. Although the warrior of Free Size was such a feeling, it seems to be a matter of feelings, but I think whether it was good on One size for me.

I think that it is more expensive than the gloves but also high safety.

Until now, I was working as a glove handmade all the time,
With Mechanic Gloves in the tool box,
I bought it for whatever reason that it is like that w

But after all it is completely different from the gloves.

I am familiar with my hands and it's easy to work.
Making is also good. I am satisfied..