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In order to secure the power source of an electric heat glove and a radar finder, it attached to the boulevard 400.
Although he thought that he would attach under the screen which does not require water easily at first, priority was given to connection of an electric heat glove, and it attached to the front of solvent of a tank.
In addition, it has attached on the magic tape (the lock fastener of an emon firmly fixable from an ordinary magic tape is used) so that may be and it may attach easy to detach.
Since wiring to - battery which you want to interlock with [ ignition switch / - ] about a power source was troublesome, it was made to branch from the speed meter dent in a bikini cowl (see the red round portion of a submitted photo).
Although it becomes a part of source line of a signal system (a blinker, a stop lamp, etc. use it), since there is little used power currently assumed, I think that it is OK.
Incidentally, although it thought that the space branched from the existing wire was not easily found considering [ large ] the bikini cowl of a bull, but would give up it at it, the staring contest was carried out to the electrical diagram of the service manual, and the present part was decided on.
I would like to use it for urgent charge of a cellular phone.
It was released from worries about an accessories-related dead battery, and is satisfied.

-- KIJIMA 15A product number: -- vehicle type: corresponding to 304-7104 merchandise information -- details [ of wide use goods ]: -- the five flat package types

Since it was the Tohoku district with many periods which cannot ride on a winter season, the measure against a battery was indispensable.
Since it can ride at any time if even a battery is not discharged since it is FI vehicle, the winter season has prevented full discharge with this trickle battery charger.
It becomes unnecessary to connect the trickle battery charger made from a daytona to a battery at the degree of charge by installing the power-source water proof socket of an option in a car body.
Since a socket is always stored in a sheet, this socket is taken out from the inside of a sheet at the time of charge, and it only connects with a battery charger, and it is very simple and convenient, it is pleasing.
Moreover, since there are no Short's worries even if water should leak in a sheet, since it is a water proof socket, it is safe.
It is used in the combination of the plug (66341) for trickle charge machine (68586) + power-source water proof socket (66339) + battery chargers for motorcycles.

Although it was directly unrelated to the function, since the service connector was cut and it was equipped when I had you attach at the time of delivery of cars, troubles were suffered a little at the time of subsequent additional power-source extraction.
Although cost increases a little, we recommend you to use an optional sub harness together in the case of attachment.
* Reason of x3 -- It is having finished not using after all.
If it is 4D9, it can equip only by removing the cowl between the circumference of a screen, and a headlight, and probably, equipment will be good to attach, when required.

A fuse set is indispensable because of emergency.
Since bulk purchase is possible with other goods, it is convenient at the site here.

It could come to attach a power rev to the dax, and is very much satisfied.

Used as power source for XMAX.

Because we have Waterproof Coupler next to Battery, just connect it there

With this, you can easily install electrical components.

Large OEMHorn is disturbing because of the handling of accessories. Horn's
We plan to relocate the installation location together with Small Type.
It satisfies the condition of Small Type and the price is reasonable.