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Or [ that using tying with two three is also interesting ]! According to the device of the side to be used, it is very helpful and I think that they are interesting goods.
However, it is although it does not come out even if a wire pulls in the state where it put on the palm ...
The neighborhood thinks that explanation is insufficient.
At first, I thought whether to have been goods of inferior quality.
Since it is user-friendly also when you understand, it cannot be parted with any longer.
True! It can come and is ! really.

Goods are picked out from a package, and although the wire was pulled out, it cannot pull out smoothly for the business of video.
It acts as Locke of the wire first, and although the key tended to cancel, it cannot do.
And it does not escape from a key.
Since it was initial failure, it threw away.

Although I purchased it, the dial lock part was not attached only with Spiral cable.

Although judged by the image and explanation contents, it was not able to judge it as Cable alone. Although it has passed for a while, since the image has not been updated, I will post it as much as I can save time and effort for recall of wearing Big's attention and return.

Please delete if the image is updated

Purchased at the accumulated Point.
from before "function" "Carrying" "price" Balance the goods
Although I was seeking, I decided to try this time.
"function" - - You can adjust the Length of Wire, the character 8. Layout free is convenient.
"Carrying" - - Porch of a bicycle can also carry around storage method and weight.

As for operability of release key, it is good enough to be careful, so there is no particular problem.
☆ ☆
We need to pay attention to the durability of Body's Wire lock mechanism.

I think that the wire part is firmly coated and the thickness of Wire is sufficient.
However, if the key part is Stainless Steel it is safe against rust. (Motorcycle storage place is under the roof, it is still for the first time to use for half a year, so now there are no rusty things)

It is easy to lock with a good Length
It prevents Tank Bag and Helmet from being stolen.

The Wire part seems not to be hurt by Vinyl coating and it is likable.

I attached a Carabiner that can also be locked to the rings
I am trying to use it without having to make it Loop.
This Recommendation

After the item arrives, set Wire to trial. It was good until I unlocked the key and pulled the Wire, but the key of my heart came out.

Whether pushing or pulling Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I do not have a sign of falling out to turn to either.

In a hurry, I searched the Web and found a completely similar example at Amazon's Review.

He seems to have returned to Amazon, but Webike said that he will not accept returns of this item.

Before I used it even once, I went to the Garbage Box so I am sorry that when I looked at various things my eyes stopped at a sentence of the Instruction Manual.

"Caution : The key can be taken out for the first time after pulling out the rope. "

Well this is supposed to be that Wire is not missing?

Looking again at the hole through which Wire is passed through, in one of the holes the claw for locking the Wire protruded to block the hole, but the nail in the other hole retracted I was left..

I managed to withdraw this retracted nail using a thin rod, and the key that I could not get out so much dropped as I did so.

However, once you take the process of releasing from the WireSet again, the key will not come out so you need to pull out the nails with a thin rod each time.

so, "Use it ~ !!" It is translated into.

Apparently this product seems to have problems with inspection by Manufacturer.

I installed the outside helmet holder on the vehicle, but I purchased it because there is no for Tandem.

It is a product that I found after searching for what specialized for Helmet. Ideally it was to lock the Wire by making it round the Handlebar, but it was a product that could be used as intended. Since it is not too long, there is no worry that Helmet will move from Handlebar.
When not in use, it gathers in Compact, so it is put under Jacket's Pocket and Seat.

The lock number is three digits, but you can easily change it.
Changing is easy, but I think that durability can be expected rather than making a fancy.

Material attached to the lock number : It can be done with plastic objects, but please be careful not to throw away as it is casually attached to the item. Even if we lose it, we can substitute if there is a thinner one - - -