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You do not have, if it is those who do light maintenance by themselves, and isn't loss carried out?

I, beginners, was also able to do it very in a user friendly manner! Since it is also a place to often maintain, grease and this find it useful.

[the attached vehicle type and mileage] -- vehicle type: -- benly 90S (frame numbered machine: HA03-1600XXX) mileage: -- it purchased to the grease up of about 15000-km [reason for purchase] wires (an axel, a front brake, a clutch).
[Comment and cautions at the time of attachment] There is no fault in a motion of wires and I thought that grease up might still be unnecessary.
However, the slide became good, so that he was surprised, and after grease up became very good [ a usage feeling ].
Although the grease up work of a wire was not difficult and was carried out, troubles were suffered comparatively.
After a fundamental work procedure loosens and removes a wire, grease is only poured in using this product (wire injector).
In my case, pains was taken over pouring of grease.
Attaching a wire injector certainly was a hang which works well.
It seems that it is good to once stop pouring and to reattach an injector when grease blows off.
In order that a tool might remove wires other than an injector, the open wrench (8, 10, 12 or 14 mm) and the phillips screwdriver were used.
Special care of the grease up work of a brake wire and a clutch wire was not carried out.
However, because the die length of the wire which can be pulled out was short, attachment of an injector was moved by carrying out difficulty for some.
An axel wire (in the case of the benly 90S) has an exit in the inside of a carburetor.
Grease up was performed after removing the throttle bubble portion, before pouring in grease.
In addition, the KURE silicon grease mate which invades neither a rubber nor resin was used for grease.

-- kijima: -- KIJIMA:wire injector product number: -- in the case of maintenance of 302-206 correspondence vehicle type wide use description-of-item blue twin type wires, lube, such as wire grease, can be poured in efficiently --

They are items indispensable to oil supply of a wire for the time being.

I think that it is generally 800 yen for wire injector,
I could use it without any problem even here.
Oil from injection side can be used securely without leakage.

*can't compare it to the motion pro ones as I never tried using theirs. but I'm sure it's very similar from the looks of the design. Anyways, the device seems to fit nicely onto the clutch cable I tried it on. Doesn't have a super tight seal but it does its job getting most of the lube in. Overall, it works well. Great bang for the buck. Just a heads up, after attaching the hose from the lube and spraying it for while and you start to see the lube spurting out from the device itself, do not panic, most probably there's dirt and grime in the cable. well mine did. a lot of it (after a year of not lubing it). Just keep on spraying the lube to force the dirt and grime out. It may take awhile but it will work. Just be prepared to lose some lube in this process

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
There are two tightening screws, so it seems to be able to attach firmly. And the price is also cheap.

? 【How was it actually used?】
As expected, you can firmly pinch the Cable and the Tube, and Oil can refuel the Cable without leaking.

? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Installation is very easy.

? 【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
Especially without hang, you can firmly tighten Cable.

? Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】Any

? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
There was no problem at all.

? [Request to Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Nothing in particular.

? 【Have you compared items?】
Nothing in particular.

? [Others]
Previously we refueled without using such Injector, but it was quite difficult to pour oil between Cable and Tube, but if this were to be done it would be very easy to refuel.