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I was trying on KomineTitaniumRACING Gloves Julius at a certain Motorcycle shop but I have been using it for a half year because I have used Gloves now, but falling down with Circuit, Gloves and Leather suit became tattered and it became cheap this time I bought it because it was. Sewing well and leather get familiar with hands at hand. Leather exclusive Oil when brand new When you paint more familiar with your hands. This Recommendation

I have long wanted a leather gloves Alpinestars GP PRO. And finally my dream came true. Gloves are made of high quality leather. They have good protection of the joints of the fingers and palms. Good protection of the wrist joint. In general, the purchased goods, I am very satisfied. I highly recommend it to everyone. I wish the seller good luck and success. Thank you .

我購買的是 黃黑色 快遞 很快奋日本寄到香港 十分快速就可以收到手套 My purchase is yellow-black Express quickly excited Japan sent to Hong Kong can be very fast to receive gloves (translated by Google Translator)

Excellent gloves from the Comine. Ones are very comfortable, as if these gloves for my hands were sewn. There is excellent ventilation, for summer, for early autumn and late spring, when will not be very cold these ones fit perfectly. Gloves are smart wonderfull and qualitatively, made with a mind and soul.(sorry for my bad English)

I owned NKG - R, but I wore it once and it was stolen this time I made it to this.
It is outstanding appearance Impact than function and performance.
It is trust Kadoya.

Perfect fit with excellent protection. Very comfy yet not as soft as non-black ones due to the nature of black dye. Easy to put on and off.

I bought it as a glove used at the circuit. Since it is still unused, its performance - Protection not evaluated. First of all, I think this model is essential to purchase before purchasing, I do not fit in most manufacturers because the thumb and little finger are relatively short, but FIVE is short glove - It was pretty good in the previous model. However, when trying on after purchase the thumb is quite large, about 1 cm in both longitudinal and lateral faces are not so much but other thumbs are just too big for thumbs and it seems to be an obstacle to driving. Since I found a front model at purchase goods store, it was perfect for everything including the thumbs that tried on, so it is better to check the real thing at the shop before purchase. Besides, although I saw it on the net, since the part which quality control was not done such as fray of a thread, scratch etc. was also in my purchased goods, the manufacturer wants to care.
There were scratches scattered about 3 cm in width around the upper side of the back of the back of the hand around the center of the photograph.

Quality, feeling of Fit is very good, but a part of creases hit my fingertips, it was very painful.
After doing Touring for about 6 hours, my finger became numb and it was sold for 2 days because I could not get numbness.