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perfect for hidden switch

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a few -- a price -- saying user-friendliness, although it is high -- it is .

Oil drain bolt Oil Filter Used for Oil filler cap.
Since it does not get stylish if I hate Oil in Circuit
Be sure to use this to wire ring.

I think that it is quite cheap. At the same time it is thin, so it will be torn if it is tightened strongly.
So I use it as a degree to fix Wiring etc. around Handlebar. I also bought the same 150 mm, but the same is true.
When I want to strongly tighten it, I think that it would be better to choose another wider one.

Although I purchase and use several kinds at once, I am very fragile and it will be cut shortly.
4 out of 10 was a defective item Level, it broke ap Kit just by bending. Especially the lack of elasticity is tragic. If you twist a bit and use it, it will be the end to break from bent soba. It is a feeling of second-hand goods which was exposed to the weather for about 10 years, completely lost elasticity. I thought that it was a little because it was a PB product, but this is too cruel. I would like to improve urgently.

I wanted to run Grom at the Mini bike course and bought it for Wiring Drain bolt and Filler cap.

It is good to install it because it can be attached by attaching it together with Bolt of Crankcase Cover.

Wiring to all places, 0. Just a good thickness with 57 mm. If it is thin, it can cut in the middle of Twist and handling is hard when it is thick if it is thick. If you worry 0. It is correct answer choosing 57 mm.