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Transporter Life has been four years, but the tool box during that has used only cheap items that can be purchased from the tool Back from the tool Bag of Ou Camouflage Type and up to 2,000 yen.
Originally a lot of tools entered & not being bulky, I used to love it, but as the tool increases in full swing or using the tool at the destination increases, I will return the tool from the tool Back It takes time to pull out & again when thrown in after use and you use the tool again at home ... (repetition).
I realized that I spend time searching and organizing more than the tool usage time of the key, so I made up my mind to introduce the tool Chest since it's a precious Transporter.
So, when I tried various kinds of Chest of 3 column type of less than 10,000 yen at Home center and tool shop, various things are touched, cheap ones are quality as it is, the outside board is thin, so it is pecopeco or something like a withdrawal with Bearing I can not easily withdraw drawers (It's not a drawer ...) etc. It was a frustrating product.
Touching SIGNET, TONE and KTC's Chest which happens to be placed in the tool shop, (2) Because there is a thickness, it does not pecopeco & paint is also firm and paint unevenness is unexpected & drawer is satisfactory quality when it can put in and out to Smooth with Fee Ring saying entering into Bearing.
So, as a result of various studies, I selected MAJOR KTC at Japan Brand.
KTC also has some products that made Engine's Head Motif, but it is expected that there is no such item so far (We will cover that for Tire fee) So I decided on this product.
After purchasing, I have all the tools I have, but it has a good margin and it seems to enter more.
I used the tool box in full swing of the Motorcycle's Tire exchange, but since there is no need to search the tools one by one, the maintenance time was shorter than usual. Also, because the tool box is clean, I got a habit of wiping it with cloth after using the tool. It will be good for tools as well.
If you purchase a good one, you can use it for many years, so I think that you should purchase a firm product by getting excited.

I was using RingStar's Plastic case at work, so I am attracted to KTCSticker and purchase! Price is somewhat Parenthesis but I am self satisfied!
I would like to put some tools on Carrier.

Case is red and Parenthesis is good, but there was a color difference of the same thing in the Home center! It feels like I paid Gold for KTC's Brand, but I am satisfied well. The price is expensive - - - (Lol)

I bought KTC EKR-103 by changing the tool kit. Easy to use for each tool is outstanding.
Even just making a tool box and designing well is cool as well. There is a depth where the Long socket stands at the top and it can be stored very convenient.
It is recommended..

Unexpectedly, capacity has room and it is very much satisfied with it.

Probably, it is a way which he will buy if this Set is this price. The merit of the height of the Quality which does not now have the necessity for explanation, and

user-friendliness is a special mention thing. If it places as it is during
work to the side, the
workplace will not be in disorder and it can do work comfortably.

Smaller than imagination, in one set or Drivers, a tool Tool is the shin without entering. The
key is attached and it is convenient to carry.
It may say for arranging a little tool.

A dream makes the motorcycle hut of the wish and attached the toolholder of the magnet there.
It can arrange finely, without a tool with high frequency in use used usually coming apart.
Two sets, GSX1400 of me and XL1200N of a wife, go into a motorcycle hut.