Produk Terbaru

Since the goods which were being used for about ten years deteriorated, it made.
it is this, although it was simple, and was not bulky and the strong and smart thing was looked for -- since the goods ! were not able to be encountered, this product was used after all.
from the first -- a kadoya -- Although it is that it is favorite .. it is strong anyhow!

It purchases by water proof.
It is likely to enter very well.
Troubles will be suffered, if the cork ? which extracts air is hard and is my power (woman).
Since it is still intact, expectation is put and they are four stars.

With Waterproof, you can use it with various settings. Even if it suddenly rains it will manage somehow with Waterproof, so if you set this as a basic Bag, even if your body gets wet it will be Large thing Wallet - Mobile etc are not wet.

I use Handlebar Clamp Type on bicycles
My Eliminator says that around Handlebar is crowded and Clamp can not be turned on
If you really stand Clamp + pedestal, you do not like floating from Handlebar
I was looking for something else.

This product is directly attached to Handlebar with Velcro tape on the back Type.
Since only the thickness of Velcro is enough, Handlebar's Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I was able to set it in the middle.

Because I hooked Carabiner for use as Porch to Clutch's WireHose
Even if Velcro comes off it can prevent falling.

After all, even if it is a Clamp type, for the time when Hold comes off
Because we will have some lifeline
I thought that this product was best for wearing a smartphone in Simple.

Furthermore, in addition to the smartphone storage, there is room to put MobileBattery
It was useless that I was considering taking Battery power for some time.

As much as possible to Simple, I recommend you to those who want to mount a smartphone without breaking the Motorcycle Design.

Even if you say anything is cool. Design not in JAPAN is attractive. It is recommended that you do not want to attach Back to the Motorcycle absolutely, or those who do not attach.

I have the company's R30, but I wanted a little backpack for Short touring and purchased it.
It is equipped with the company's HarnessPocket, Back ProtectorInsert, HydrationSystem..
Waterproof sex was not claimed by Manufacturer, but there was no inundation in the snowstorm, as long as it ran 3 hours on the snowy road. As a precaution, we have included Drew bags of Or Birds in Back, but we did not use them.
Fitting is also satisfying if you carry out the adjustment firmly as well as fitting feel like R30.

Waist belt is thin, I do not like it, but I think about Balance of Style of Back.
And if you attach HarnessPocket to the shoulder Harness, the mounting position is too high and Helmet (ADV) It interferes with contents and it is difficult to take out the contents, which seems to be a design mistake.
Therefore, HarnessPocket uses it through Waist belt.

Contents amount is relatively small, we use HydrationSystem + Small thing of α position in the degree of entering. For sweets and souvenirs just enough. If you do your best, Jacket place is likely to come in. If you expect storage capacity, let's do it over R30.

Currently it is used in conjunction with R8's Fanny pack, but it is a Compact image with Stylish.

There is also a part whose function is sacrificed because it emphasized Style.

Do ○ I was using fucking Porch made.
Compared to that, I think that quality is good as far as it is. Gold amount is not big difference.
The storage capacity is also relatively high. I can put in various things.
Will buy again if it breaks.

I use it daily for commuting, and I also use it for Touring.
Although it runs on sunny days, rainy days and snowing days, it also shows true value under the circumstances used by Heavy-duty.
I used it for about 1 year, but it is high dimension in all of Waterproof property, fittability, durability, weather resistance, and easy to install.
HarnessPocket and Back ProtectorInsert of the same creature and HydrationSystem at the time of touring are used and used.
Main space is Completely Waterproof, if you extend three adjustable buckles you can store a considerable capacity.
Even if the content is small, you can use the above three Buckle to do the proper packing.
The upper and lower Pocket parts attached to the outside were water stop Zipper so it did not submerge even on rainy days.
I'm putting a car inspection certificate and wallet etc. here.
Since I also climb as a hobby, although I have used various Backpacks up to now, the evaluation as Backpack is quite high.
Adjustment and sense of unity are as high as Backpack for hunting, and it is made as Tough as Backpack for snowy mountains.
The most notable is the goodness of Fitting. It is an important point to say the best in selecting Backpack. No matter how good the performance of Backpack itself is, the degree of fatigue differs if Fitting is bad, and it can not be said that it is a good Backpack.
This Backpack is Harness Department of the shoulder (Part of string that hangs over shoulder) Large adjustment and fine adjustment are possible, it is possible to fit any change to the clothes you wear and equipment.
The pad part hitting the back is also well made, and it has sufficient cushioning properties while ensuring breathability.
Even if you put heavy luggage even if you adjust well enough Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Even if you shake it suddenly, it is not a feeling that comes with a delay, it is a sense of unity that it will turn with your body.
There are sufficient holding power only at Buckle 2 places in the chest. Hold feel like 4 points Belt seems to play a role in the above effect.

It is extremely excellent as a tool. For me, I think this price is quite profitable with this performance. Even though the backpack for mountaineering is high in the first place, it seems to be so extra ....
I am thinking that robustness and performance will be questioned more than Camping which I occasionally use, climbing mountaineering, Adventure and off-road every day to commute It is a Recommendation for Commuting Rider in particular.

As a point of note, depending on your physique, Backpack will be around the waist when you wear it, so I think it is difficult to use it with Fanny pack. By the way my size is medium height with height 181 cm and weight 74 kg.

We will demonstrate our true value for the first time by using the tool correctly, so please use Fitting and Packing, after checking the complete tightening of the water stop Zipper, please use it.