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Merek Top

I bought it for Inner of Winter Gloves.
I was in Impre of the other person, but when I touch Magic tape I get worried about fuzziness, but from the viewpoint of structure
I guess it can not be helped.

Both sides are durable fabric, Quantity : 2 Set I purchase and use it alternately commuting but after one year Large is durable.
My fingertips were slightly frayed by Magic tape? It was about to become a pillar?.
Moreover, I use it even when getting on a car. Handlebar does not become sticky in summer.

I usually wore a glove in Gloves for winter, but I think that this one is thinner and the feeling of Fit is better and better. I put this on about 2 degrees around the beginning of December but I did not feel the coldness of the hand very much. I just do not know the winter. Last year I attached a Grip heater, but as replacement is bothersome, I hope this coldness will improve with this Gloves.

It is very thin and smooth. Provide the comfortable feeling. It would not very tight even wear the gloves at the same time. But it cannot feel warm during cold weather...

Because I was getting fuzzed by touching the Magic tape part on the other review
I try not to touch as much as possible lol
As Inner Gloves I think that it is thin and warm.

Feeling, feels good, smooth. I was worried about Size because my hand was Large, but I had a little margin without problems. I expected the warmth that is called Thermo but it was not satisfactory. Maybe I was expecting too much. I also use it for Running early in the morning.

Very good gloves. I used this gloves with Komine gk-170. 100% wind blocker. Warm gloves in cold morning. :) Slim and light.

The seams are undecked undone with one Touring use.
? Rubberetc on the wrist. Because it does not contain thread breaks when worn.
? Performance, Fit feeling is outstanding! I tried it a lot, but there is no more.
? For the price, anyway seams break off loose and break. It is not worth more than \ 1500.