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Boots out of other Manufacturer was written like Deck and Bon Tan, so I was worried but this product was just too thick with Moto bread's hem becoming Boots out and it looks pretty good I think. FOX Moto bread (Released at the same time) I think that Large is durable with the same Size as that of his. I am 180 centimeters 82 kilograms G pan Size 34, thirty third place, this product is 34, Just for WaistTight.

It is relatively thin and very comfortable to wear.
Opening the Zipper will allow for breathability and will also eliminate the heat.
It is just right at 165 cm 64 kg Waist 79 cm.

Everyday wears 30Inch Pants, but this Moto bread is 32-inches and wearing feeling about Exactly ~ Limit.
Some thread residues etc on the seams of inconspicuous parts etc etc. Although any clothing is somewhat of particular sort, I do not mind being particularly concerned, but it is not as good as a good quality of viewing.
Wearing feeling is also easy to move with ventilation, hard to break. Of course it is not a matter of choosing or breaking up, but it is unknown how long the Sponge pad at the waist will endure.
Since there are various color variations, I think that it is fun to be fashionable to wear according to Motorcycle and BootsHelmet.

O'Neil ELEMENT SHOCKER Jersey 2016MODEL Quantity : 1 Set (for Top and Bottom) Comparison with 26 thousand yen.
The above item is set to 26000 yen, this product is only 27000 yen for Pants.
I thought that it is so different, I bought it in Design, but it is totally different thing.

The fabric thickness and material are different.
FOX 360 is made of Material like knee in the knee and strength inside the knee is very important as Knee brace is not under Pants.
Knee grip on Pants and Knee grip, the joint part of Knee brace cuts down Shroud of Motorcycle, but if you wear it under FOX 360 it will not be able to shave it at all.
I think that it is the same also in O'Neil, but O'Neil can shave Shroud because the thickness in the knee is thin. Of course Pants itself seems to have holes.

I do not know the point of how this is FOX 180, but I think that this FOX 360 is only price. Rather than buying a cheap one a little price, I feel that I will last longer if I bought this Class. Well, if it falls down, it may be together.

Anyway, I am looking for Off-roadPants,
Because it is the first Pants, I thought it was cheap and good,
I decided on this.
After arrival of goods, it was Large satisfied when I tried to wear it.

I own some MSR products, but all my thighs are thick.

Because I am detailed thighs, only thighs are luxurious when wearing.

I wear it is my son and my thighs are thick so I'm Fit, but when I choose it by Waist in the direction of a specific person, it seems to be a dub dub other than my waist.

Although it can be steamed in the summer, making it a solid firm fabric, making it is GOOD for price.

In order to get dirty I have used a variety of Manufacturers by choosing Gold Value and Design.

Because it is not Mesh, it is quite steamy in summer.

Firm making, sewing is not bad.

It is Moto bread which is usable without permission.

It's just Boots in type, but depending on some people it's good to have a Rubber in the hem so hem folded in Boots as it's thin and quite uncomfortable.

I purchased Size 28. Since Waist is 74, 30 is applicable, but since it was quite Large in 30 of other Manufacturers.

It's SizeExactly. Waist is neither loose nor kinky. Jersey is the same, but it is Exactly in 1SizeSmall eyes.

Just a short waist is not it. Because my torso is long, it is enough to see a navel.

Although it does not have outstanding features that are suitable for the price, it seems to be able to use GunGun well in finish.