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Merek Top

The handle of the type with wiring recess was not suited.
It has been fixed in the state where it floated just for a moment.
He is smart in style.

I installed it with WR 250 R. Translation (Please also enter here Instruction Manual also with Kitin, naturally with Bolt-on attached.
Blinker will be a Type to return manually - - -
Best of all, Courseetc. Abominable to activate arbitrarily when running in (Lol) I am happy that Hazard disappears..
The texture is not OEM tick so much cheap, it becomes a compact, so it will be a little lighter.

If you do not want to cook and cook Hazard during Race (Lol) Please put it..

Large required minimum Small limit, it is solidly made.
Switch switching also has a sharp feeling
Allowable current is also 15 A and it corresponds to the thing with relatively large power consumption
Waterproof, it is reliable Manufacturer so I feel secure.

Exchange of OEM Witch box of KLX 250 for this product
I like it quite a bit from the conclusion

It is not honest cheap and highly functional, but anyway Compact
It is hard to push the Switch in the thick Gloves because the Switch is Small, but it does not matter if you get used to it

Also, because Switch with Low high switch is cheap, just bring it to the middle position
The contact disappears and the light disappears.
On the contrary, when going to the OffRoad course, you can turn off Light and it is convenient

I would not Recommend to On road motorcycle but would be better for off-road motorcycle

I think that it is a product of preference

As Aluminum's Cut-out, its appearance is very good.

The function is normal because it is a switch, but as the internal state the contacts are visible (?) There is a sense, OEM's switch is built on the premise that water enters, actually there is no problem such as Short, but corrosion of contacts are a bit worried. After that, it was saved that KillSW had A Type, B Type.

I think whether it is a reasonable price as it is built, but if it is only a function, there are also inexpensive items in A Type, so I think that it is hesitant price setting. I wanted a B Type, so I only had this product "Shimizu Jump" I feel it..

Even if tightened tightly as it is also in other people 's impressions it will not close properly.
Rubber comes with it, so there is no problem so far, but OEM Productetc. Compared with the creation is crappy.
When switching Bonneville to Millibar, since Universal's Switch was the only one there was no choice,. Since I think that diversion from other vehicle types can also be made if it searches,
I would like to explore other ways.

Although it has only two functions of Kill and Starter switch, the coloring of Wiring of Instruction Manual was reversed. Also, "Honda car (With Kill) ON is / OFF is the opposite ", but it was not the opposite.

I told this to Manufacturer, but I did not have any reply. We are asked about our attitude as a company.

I think that it is far from PartsManufacturer of the leading AfterMarket. Let's divide it and use it.

I installed it on the 01ZrX1200R but the position of the detent did not match at all, I cut it with Nipper and installed it. I regret not having returned it if I purchase something that will fit properly because it is not so cheap.
I want to confirm the proper model properly and display Wye Big.