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kuat dan rapih. serta presisi. very nice

Kwalitas barang bagus, di packing sangat rapih dan aman namun karena produk import perlu bersabar karena memerlukan waktu yang relatif lama serta layanan pelanggan yang cukup resnponsif. Secara keseluruhan says sangat puas berbelanja. Dan perlu di catat ini hal pertama kali saya berbelanja online dengan nilai yang besar, cukup berresiko apabila terjadi penipuan

Since the pure handle and form of DR-Z 400S were the nearest, it purchased.
Since the pure twist was also the grade to which width became large when actually attached, it is not uncomfortable.
However, I think that it compared pure and vibration became tight.
Since the pure handle of DR-Z is thinner and thinner toward outside, it is suppressing vibration by it or is very much satisfied also with ..... of vibration.
pure -- it is very much satisfied with that of cool very much.

The handle for mini bikes has many which have width [ narrow surely ],

A set of the circumferences of a preparations handle was changed into commuter rapid-service specification.
As a result of examining many things, the product made from POSH out of which a feeling of unification comes was used.
A handle bracket, a handlebar, a handle brace, a handle brace clamp, bar end, and a heavy weight nut were made the product made from POSH.
Color was unified by champagne gold.
Even if it exchanges blankets, wearing of a handlebar is possible, and it equipped with the super bike bar as a thing with UP and largest BACK also in it.
Since simultaneous wearing also of the super bike position bracket was carried out, the effect of the simple substance was not able to be checked, but the just right position with few burdens was acquired by the waist by the grade which does not become Tono Mr. riding.
Since there were also the master cylinder of a brake and a clutch and hose exchange besides the above and Schopp was requested, attachment cannot be commented.
Since the master cylinder of a brake and a clutch also chose the gold of the daytona nisshin, there is a feeling of unification, and it was finished in the satisfying thing.

Although the amounts of adjustments are only few in every 5 mm and a number, it is quite large by a physical feeling.
Since he was CHIBI, the pure handle felt a little distantly, but it became considerably easy when using this.
It became easy in since a leeway was given on the arm also at the time of a right and left chip box.
A cornering is pleasant to say! A motorcycle feels it light.
Since the store was asked for attachment, Yukichi flew, but regret is not carried out.

[Buying motive] Since he wanted to unify the circumference of a handle by Black rather than an improvement of a position, it purchased.
[Point which got interested] According to the switch box, although there were many which needs a drilling process, it was usually charmed by the place that it was easily exchangeable by ending with processing beforehand.
It is also the point that coloring had Black.
Product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [ ! which wants to change a position dramatically is not considered and it is not necessary to change hose simply, and since it was good that it was simply and conveniently exchangeable, there is no product which was seen as the candidate in this time etc.
[After-use comment] It was not like [ worried ], although it was light compared with the pure handle and there was uneasiness in respect of vibration etc. in a handle simple substance.
They are comment which attach the bar end of the company, of course.
From the first, although a position is easy CB, it can operate comfortably.
However, although it was good for a while to attach, since my car body is exchanging for the back step, it has come to be thought that it is a somehow odd posture.
Although it is not bad, I think that I will exchange for the LOW type of the brand in the near future.
[comprehensive evaluation] -- a price -- handiness and attachment -- with all of simplicity and convenience, a comfortable position, and three rhythm -- measure.
It is a recommend at the direction where only a few wants to relieve a position, and Ho something who wants to change the color of a handle.

It is large a small portion of normal differed from for a while.
Operativity became good.
The color chose gun meta in the meaning that only a few asserts KASUTAMU.