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Merek Top

Safe packaging, received perfectly, good quality, easy fitting. Installed on CB400SS without any issue

Although purchased from the impact of appearance, the fixed method to a motorcycle is NG in design.
Since it is fixing by the handle post, without using the vibration absorption bracket of the top bridge of normal, a headlight shakes to Moro by vibration of an engine.
the gaiety in which an attachment nut also idles -- after all, attachment is stopped and repurchased MRA.
It is painful study cost.

It cmUP(s) pure twist 5 and appearance is also good.
However, it is necessary to return pure at the time of an automobile inspection.

It is very much satisfied.

KATCHOITSU!!! TSU with a feeling very best on very cool looks!!!

Tell the reason with a small, however splendid effect shelved even if it contributes how many times!

A screw hole is also exactly and [Webike-monitor] attachment of it was completed simply.
Nonchalant blue is pleasing.

Whether it will be made ZEROGRAVITY and after wavering, it purchased here.
It was finished in quite racy touch and is very much satisfied.
About air resistance, if it becomes inclined attitudes at the time of high speed operation, he will have a feeling which becomes very easy.
However, the ZEROGRAVITY may be better if it cares about air resistance.
As above-mentioned, since I am suitable serious consideration, I am satisfied.