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Merek Top

Sudah terpasang dengan rapi di Honda Super Cub C125. Packaging Oke. Barang Sesuai Dari Jepang. Pengiriman Cepat Hanya Saja Proses Bea Cukainya Yang Lama. Thx Webike!

Completely windproof with Gore wind stopper, warm because there are thickness as well.
Tubular shape makes The simple is best.
Another one under consideration for washing change.

Although price was cheap and there was also uneasiness, I decided to order it for the time being.
The goods arrived in about two days. I tried it immediately but I am satisfied with the performance I was expecting.

I purchased Motorcycle riding fascinated by Orange with Orange. It is functional with the combination of the warmth of Gray's part of Atsume and the part of Orange which is thin and easy to breathe..

One year before buying it was rolling a suitable Exhaust System.
It is a feeling that I bought it before winter and used it...
It is not so warm. It's better than not being turned on.
I like Design.

In this period, Suoyu body temperature is robbed from the feet, Small one hour is the limit even with Choi riding, but if using this product it seems durable 2 to 3 hours Large. (Sneakers) I will also wear off-road boots, but unexpectedly because the cool air comes in, I use it in combination with Boots. (Lin Two)

Inner boa etc. With normal engineer boots without it, cold is cold, but it can not be tolerable It is not cold.
(Kanto end of December to January, early morning around 2 ℃, continuous running for about 2 hours)

It is almost Just size Boots, although I feel a little tight at the beginning of wearing, it is about to disappear soon.

It was cold this winter and it seemed that my fingers would tear off, so if there is such a thing, it is Large.

I usually have thick but I want to get cramped inside Helmet Purchase. There are also long long neck, but maybe it is better if it is a little longer?
Even if you pull it up to the mouth it will not bother you about the smell of cloth and will not get into the pocket and your hand will not get in the way. The cold wind is thin, so it is as it is but depending on how it is used