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Return Policy

By carrying out the order process, you understand and comply with the terms & conditions applicable at Webike Indonesia.
The warranty period is valid for 7 working days from order arrival that is based on tracking data by the Indonesian courier service used.
*The claim is issued within the warranty period.

*Warranty applies to products that do not match the product description listed on the Webike Indonesia website.

*Detailed actual product’s photos are required along with the photos of the original package where the part number is shown.

Note: Incomplete data may result in rejection of warranty claims.

*Product and packaging must be in complete and good condition same as when it was first received and unused.

*Contact Webike Indonesia Customer Service on 021-27936800 for warranty claim. You can also chat us on our WhatsApp number 0852-1992-7533 by sending us the photos and other detailed proof for the warranty claim process.

If you have received a confirmation from Webike Indonesia Customer Service, please send the product you’d like to return/exchange to Webike Indonesia address within 7 working days starting from the day of warranty claim confirmation from Webike Indonesia Customer Service. Shipment details including Webike Indonesia address will be informed further by Webike Indonesia Customer Service.

If you return the product in more than 7 working days after the confirmation (based on the shipment date from your city of origin), the warranty claim will be automatically cancelled from the system.

*Claims investigation usually takes 7 working days or more, based on the situation at the manufacturer.

*Webike Indonesia reserves the rights to refuse submission if it is found that something is not in accordance with the provisions of submitting a valid warranty claim.
*Production defect(s)
*Does not work as its function (malfunction)
*Does not match the product description on the Webike Indonesia website
*Incomplete parts
*Delivered product is different from what the customer ordered (as stated in the invoice).
Products return and exchange must be discussed and agreed with Webike Indonesia Customer Service and the customer based on the following conditions:

Exchange product is available

If the product that you want to exchange has its replacement and if you agree to change your order to that product, there are two conditions that need to be noted:

a) If the original product is more expensive than the replacement product, we will refund the difference to your bank account.

b) If the original product is cheaper than the replacement product, you must pay the difference to our official bank account under the name of PT Bintang Daya Indonesia.

Exchange product is unavailable

Refunded amounts vary depending on the reason for returning the product. If the fault lies with us / the manufacturer or if the product you’d like to exchange doesn’t have the alternative, we will process your refund based on the total amount on the invoice.

We will refund the money via the same payment method the customer used when paying to Webike Indonesia. For the customers who paid using a credit card, the process will take around 14 working days depending on the credit card issuer's policy. For customers who paid via bank transfer and retail outlet, we will refund it to his/her bank account within 7 working days.
If the fault lies with us or the manufacturer, the shipping fee for returning the item will be paid by us. If the returned product has the alternative based on the agreement between us and the customer, the shipping fee for the exchanged product will be paid by us.
Most of the products displayed on the Webike Indonesia website are intended for motorbikes for Japanese / international market. By placing an order, you agree to bear all the risks associated with the suitability of the product, given the difference in naming and product models between the Japanese / International version and the Indonesian version and Webike Indonesia is not responsible for the accuracy or suitability of the product.

Information on conformity, specifications, and product details displayed is data that Webike Indonesia obtained directly from the manufacturer.

Webike Indonesia is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided regarding the suitability of the spare parts required for product repair.

Ensure that the installation of spare parts is carried out by a competent person according to the instructions and specifications from the manufacturer. Webike Indonesia is not responsible for any damage arising from incorrect installation.