HONDA BITE Specification

Honda's young development team "N Project" is the third campaign following Ape, Zoomer, a casual scooter released in June 2002.It features a light form like BMX using an aluminum module frame on the front part, a water-cooled four-stroke engine with excellent economy and environment, a saddle type seat that can be adjusted in seven levels from 730 mm to 840 mm without tooling .Front and rear interlocking combination brake, main switch with shutter, reinforcement handle lock, fuel tank cap with key, harness for immobilizer alarm, rear carriers that can fix U-shaped lock, MF batteries not requiring water replenishment, ing.The 2003 model added a new color white and changed the wheel color from silver to black.The main key and the keyhole shutter key, which had been separate from each other, are integrated to improve usability.

Engine Capacity 49
Max. Output 4.9ps(3.6kw)/8000rpm
Max. Touque 0.46kg・m(4.5N・m)/7000rpm
Weight 77kg
Fuel Tank Capasity 5 Liter

Basic Specifications

Manufacturer HONDA Engine Type
Model Name BITE Engine Boot Mode -
Style・Type Maximum Horsepower -
Power Mode - Maximum Torque -
Type Total Weight(Dry Weight) - (Simulation)kg
Displacement 49cc Total Weight(Equipment Weight) - kg
Start Selling Year 2003Year Horsepower Weight Ratio [ - / - ] kg/PS
Energy Consumption - Length・ Height・Width - mm × - mm × - mm
Tank Capacity - Liter Seat Height - mm
Drive Distance [ - * - ]km(Simulation) Front Wheel Size -
Fuel Supply Type - Rear Wheel Size -

Maintenance Information

Standard Equipment Spark Plug - Sprocket Specification Transmission(Front) > - T
Transmission(Rear) > - T
The Number of Sparks Plug Used - Piece Chain Specification - / - Chain Number
Sparks Plug Gap - Battery Model -
Engine Oil Total - Liter Headlight -
Light Type: -
When Oil is Exchanged - Headlight Remarks -
When The Oil Filter is Exchanged - Taillight - / -
Front Turn Signal Specification - Rear Turn Signal Light -

Other Detailed Maintenance Information

Engine Type -
Bore - mm
Stroke - mm
Compression Ratio - :1
Ignition Method -
Engine Lubrication -
Frame Style -
Minimum Turning Radius 2. - m
Angle Of Dip - m
Front Fork Angle - mm
Minimum Height -
Wheelbase -
Steering Angle (Right) 2. -
Steering Angle (Left) -
Riders - People
Tank Capacity -

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