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K1 K1 K1
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[Color] Black
[Material] PVC (synthetic leather)


-Wide variation.Perfect for changing your vehicle's image!--
It covers the stock tank with synthetic leather (PVC) and can be used not only for protection but also for hiding bumps and scratches.
It is compatible with a wide range of models and is available in a wide variety of colors that are close to the stock color of most vehicles.
It is designed for exclusive use of models and easy to install.The superior 3D cutting and sewing technology makes it fit the tank without any discomfort.
The tank cover is equipped with an attachment for a special tank bag.

・Pass the belt around the stem, making sure not to interfere with the handlebar grip, and tighten it with the adjuster.(Temporary fastening)
・Tighten the belt around the edge of the tank, frame and cover with the adjuster.(Temporary fastening)・Fasten the belt under the seat and tighten it with the adjuster.
・Finally, refer to the position of the oil supply port and adjust the overall balance of the vehicle, and finally, tighten it.


*The color of the buckle may differ from the image due to specification changes.Please note that BAGSTER cannot accept any specified specification.
*There may be changes in product specifications due to the manufacturer's reasons.

Applicable Models

K1 K1 K1
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Good for tank protection and long distance touring purposes!

17 Jul 2023
Product number: 1734A


[How is it used?
The purpose is to protect the tank when the Tank Cover is installed and to change the tank color!

Was the one you received as per Image?
The design, functionality, and even the sewing is solid and of the same high quality as the image.

Was the installation difficult?
It can be easily attached with the included Belt.

How was your experience with it?
I had used the 14LiterTank and had the impression that it was very tight in terms of size, but this size was more relaxed and lacked a little bit of Fit.

[Included Parts:were they on?
Beltc. is attached.

[Was there anything that disappointed you?
The tank shape varies depending on the model, even for the same CB1100, so the product lineup is abundant and it may be difficult to find the right size.
*Markless 14LiterTank, EX17LiterTank, EX/RS16LiterTanketc.
For this reason, if you change the Tank, you will have to purchase even the Cover.

▼When diverting another color, care should be taken not to purchase a different size Tank Cover.

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Ideal for Tank Protection and Makeover!

20 May 2023
Product number: 1646U

Fits: HONDA CB1100

[How is it used?
I was getting tired of the look of the Normal tank, so I put it on for Makeover.

Was the one you received as per Image?
It is Exactly as good quality and Fit as the Image.

Was the installation difficult?
It is easy to install because it is just covered as it is.

How was your experience with it?
Design, of course, but it also helps prevent minor scratches.

[Included Parts:were they on?
Belt for installation is included.

[Was there anything that disappointed you?
Nothing in particular. If I had to say so, it would be better to cut off the long Belt to reduce the risk of melting due to the heat of the engine.

▼There is one for 14LiterTank, one for 17LiterTank, and one for the last 16LiterTank, so you have to be sure not to make a mistake.

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28 Mar 2023
Product number: 1751U

Fits: BMW R1250RS

The atmosphere of the single car has changed, and it is very interesting.

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It looks like a Ducati … is that an exaggeration?

07 Aug 2022
Product number: 1714D


I think it is a mistake to expect the same quality from a foreign product as from Japan, so I can tolerate some rough sewing and poor fitting. It is made to be vulnerable to rainwater penetration and dirt, but it looks cool anyway. I am satisfied with this product. SUZUKI is hidden, making it an unidentified Motorcycle.

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It is highly defensible.

15 Jul 2022
Product number: 1613B

Fits: KAWASAKI Ninja1000

Purchased to attach BugStar's Small TypeTank Bag, which covers the entire tank and provides excellent protection. The design of the tank is completely invisible. The Minus Point is that it makes the tank look a little bit more sluggish.

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