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・Integrated flip-up
・Polycarbonate material for half shield
・UV cut processing
・Hard coat processing

・Shield lock band standard equipment
・Equipped with a protection rubber to prevent wind entrapment and rainwater from entering


[shield features]
・Vintage look with short visor and flat long shield.
・The visor is also useful for blocking out the sunshine, and the long visor with excellent quietness and functionality is also popular and persistent.
・Made of highly transparent polycarbonate + hard coating to prevent scratches
・99% UV protection using UV380
・Smart design with subtle curved round shape
・The mirror processing is moderate enough to reduce glare and maintain a good view, while making it difficult to see the face from the outside (excluding clear)

・The patented shield lock band prevents the shield from flapping and falling off when riding
・Cushion sponge on the rotating shaft prevents scratches on the helmet
*If you attach a suction cup for the open / close shield (sold separately), you can prevent the shield from rattling when opening and closing, and increase its stability.
・The protection rubber prevents wind and rainwater from entering

■Flash Mirror Clear
Shiny mirror type
It's a mirror so intense you can't see your face from the outside.
Because of the mirror strength, it has a darkness similar to light smoke.
Night riding is not suitable for people with poor eyesight.

■Flash Mirror Champagne Gold
This is a new version with more gold than the previous champagne gold!!!
The popular champagne gold mirror of the Aviation / Square Shield is now even stronger.
The night vision is almost clear, but the mirror feeling is strengthened to the very limit, glare is reduced, it is difficult to see the face, and the sense of luxury is improved.
It's not too flashy, but it's an elegant color that matches with any color helmet.

■Flash Mirror Light Smoke
Light Smoke + Flash Mirror
It's cool to have a little bit of a badass look with the thin smoke and strong mirrors.
You can't see him from the outside.
Night riding is not suitable for people with poor eyesight.

■Flash Mirror Gradient Persimmon
Second only to yellow in visibility at night.
The shade is clearer and the whole image looks brighter.
You can hardly see his face from the outside because of the mirror processing.

■Flash Mirror Gradient Blue
Blue + Flash Mirror
is better referred to as blue smoke.
It is a smoke shield with a light blue color and a strong mirror processing.
It's more mature than light smoke.
Night riding is not suitable for people with poor eyesight.

■Flash Mirror Yellow
New lineup FM + Yellow
The yellow lens provides excellent nighttime visibility!!!
By cutting the blue light emitted by LED and HID lights, it eliminates the glare of oncoming headlights and streetlights.
It also eliminates the glare of daytime backlighting.


*The image may contain other colors.
*There may be changes in product specifications due to the manufacturer's reasons.



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Good visibility and no complaints during use.

19 Sep 2023
Product number: SSV-07

I have not experienced any drawbacks while using it, and I have not experienced any lifting of the Shield at speeds below 80. However, if I raise the Shield while walking, etc., it falls down quite a bit.
In terms of glare reduction, direct sunlight on the Shield portion is usually glaring, I think it is reduced, but if it is daytime only, another color might be better.
At night, the white lines etc. are drilled so it is easy to drive.
The price point is superb Shield. On the other hand, the most frustrating point is that the HelmetBody options are only Button-type with the same shape.

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04 Aug 2023
Product number: SSV-07

This is my impression after experiencing Yamaha's System helmet, RYUKI.
The clarity of vision is excellent, [Color] The color is easier to see during the day and at night than Clear.
Honestly, other than visibility-related issues, it is worth changing Helmet just for the ease of viewing, although it is subtle.

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JAM The reinforcing Suction Cup is used exclusively...

21 Dec 2021
Product number: SSV-04

First of all, when I bought it, I did not expect the stiffness like ARAI or SHOEI products from the price.
I chose LightGradation blue for the flash mirror, but it looks more like light smoke than gradation, and moreover, it looks more like normal light smoke than blue, is this the manufacturer's standard or Naming? Certainly? But it is the original [Color] Smoke looks like it feels much darker.
There is little distortion and it is easy to see well, and there is no sense of eye fatigue.
The impression of the lack of rigidity as shown in the comments of the past evaluators is unavoidable because the thickness of the Shield itself is thin. However, there is accuracy that is not bad considering this price range, and the impression changes completely by adding the following Parts.
I installed a JAM specific reinforced Suction Cup on both ends of the Shield installation.
With this Suction Cup, the Shield itself has been given a more solid feel, and the usability has been improved. Also, it seems to have been improved to prevent sudden opening and closing on the highway by installing a locking snap.
I tried to run near the speed limit in the highway test section of the new Tomei, but I was able to use it comfortably without any particular problems or troubling scenes.
Anyway, it can be opened and closed, and when the sun is low in the morning or evening, it is possible to prevent sobriety with the eaves, and it gives off an old-fashioned atmosphere with ease. It becomes the form of Helmet that suits Machine.
I thought it would be a good idea to have one of those Helmets that have an atmosphere that allows you to run around town with ease.
It becomes the atmosphere of Helmet that suits especially W, ESTRELLA, and SR GB system Machine well.
Recently, the JAM Helmet has come in handy when I go out after changing the Shield.

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