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Hella socket type
With waterproof cap


USB power socket for Heller socket. The current that can be supplied is a large capacity of 3.3A.
It can be used to charge any product that requires high current without any problem.The product comes with a waterproof cap.
When power is supplied, the socket glows blue, making it easy to locate the socket during nighttime use.
The light intensity is low and does not interfere with riding.


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I was able to charge the battery normally.

23 Aug 2022
Product number: PAUSB44

Fits: Others

We used Rocket3gt's Standard Equipment, Heller Socket, to charge our phones.
This is just an imprementation after using it for a short distance to check the operation.
The phone (Android device USB-C) charged well.

I am concerned that the Heller Socket may come out due to vibration or bumps because of its loose insertion.
The Rubber cap is also a little loose and I am worried that it will be blown away by the wind.

While the Heller Socket is inserted, it glows Blue, but with rocket3, you can't always see the glowing slot due to the angle of the rocket.
I would not want to waste power consumption, even if it is very weak, so I think it is unnecessary for me.
Also, you can't (or don't want to) leave it plugged into the Motorcycle at all times, so you need to carry it with you.
In that case, I think it would be helpful if the size were a little smaller.

If there are any changes in the evaluation to match the actual conditions of durability and a little more severe use, we would like to reflect them at a later date.
At this time, we have determined that the product is cost-effective with no fatal product defects.

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Hella Socket is a Small Farewell Party

08 Mar 2017
Product number: PAUSB44

Fits: Others

It is attached to Heller Socket beside Key cylinder of TIGER 800.
Although it is likely to interfere slightly if you fully lock the Handlebar to Left,
With this shape you can escape in the form along the tank side.
The attachment to the Socket is too tight, too loose and too tight.
Hella Socket was not familiar at all,
It fits much smaller than Cigar socket and looks and handling is very good.

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It was useless.

04 Feb 2017
Product number: PAUSB44

Fits: Others

DucatiMultistrada 1200s seems to be incompatible.
The connection part is shaky and it comes out by impact, and Fuse will fly at that time.
I gave up and replaced it where I flew 3 times.

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For power take out

22 May 2016
Product number: PAUSB44

Fits: Others

Since F700GS comes with OEM Heller Socket, we are using it for taking out power from there. SMART design is my favorite. However, since the lid is attached only by passing through the Body, if it is not closed properly, it comes off unexpectedly.

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Purchase for bride's Motorcycle

26 Apr 2016
Product number: PAUSB44

Fits: Others

I bought it for mobile charging, but it seems that there is a case that contact is bad by vibration and it can not be charged.

Since I purchased the OEMCar navigation system now, I do not use it at all, but I think that the location of the spatula is different depending on the car model, so there may be various reasons.

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