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CB1000 92-96 CBF1000 FA 00-16 CB1300 97-16
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Extends the length of the stock front fender to protect the body and rider from water and mud splashes.
Because it is designed exclusively for each model, it blends into the vehicle body stylishly without any sense of discomfort.
Installation is easy using the attached strong adhesive sheet.
There is no need to worry about it falling off in stock use, but it is possible to fix it with screws for more secure fixation.
It is designed exclusively for each model, and its effect is demonstrated without spoiling the appearance.
It prevents water and mud splashes when driving in the rain or on rough roads.


*Photo is for reference only.Please note that the model and color of the product may differ from those shown in the photos.
*The actual product may differ in some colors and shapes due to improvements and specification changes.
In addition, for the convenience of photography, other products may also appear in the image, but only the item in the title will be delivered.
*All instruction manuals are in English and other languages.

Applicable Models

CB1000 92-96 CBF1000 FA 00-16 CB1300 97-16
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It was good not to be conspicuous.

05 Oct 2018
Product number: PA02121


(What made you decide the purchase?)
I joined a certain Events the other day and got pouring rain on the way home, raining from the top of the Engine to the inside of Cowl, struggling to clean up and clean up. Also, as muddy sticks, I will spoil the preciously polished Exhaust pipe, so I bought it with reference to the other reviewers.
(How was it actually used?)
I still can not say because I am not running, but 15 centimeters has been longer than OEMFender, so my expectation is Large.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Ultra Strong Double-Sided Tape for installing the exterior parts of the car was abundant because there were only a few Double-sided Tape which was originally attached, so I tried installing it in detail.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
The Ultra Strong Double-Sided Tape I wrote earlier was too strong, trying to position it, even if I tried to peel off, I could not peel off well and it was slightly misaligned. Let's say good because you do not have to worry about peeling while running.
In Instruction Manual, it is better to remove Fender and not to say that it is not written. Screw attached to Front fork, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It is easy because it only removes a total of 4. It is necessary to pay attention not to add Wound only when pulling out and putting it.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
I wanted you to attach a double-sided tape a little more. It happened because it happened to have a Double-sided Tape, but it was a place I had to go to buy.
【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points]
Increasing Double-sided Tape, it's still a price. Because there was a point, there are a lot of people who have flown into purchasing, so I expect in the future.
【Have you compared items?】
I can not find it in particular..

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With attached Double-sided Tape alone, a little worried

31 Aug 2015
Product number: PA02121


I installed it in 2015 model CB 1300SB. I pasted it with Double-sided Tape, but I was worried a little whether it will not drop with the attached Double-sided Tape alone, so I added Double-sided Tape by myself and pasted it.
Half a year passed after installing, there is no dropout. I think that the jumping up of dirt from the front wheel has also decreased. It is not that it is a bit cheaper.

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In Mudguard.

31 Jul 2023
Product number: PA02186

Fits: HONDA CMX 1100 Rebel

Radiator guard is now less dirty.
Installation at a store is recommended.

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Fit but not cosmetic.

27 Jul 2023
Product number: PA02663

Fits: TRIUMPH Tiger Sport 660

It is for Tiger sport 660, so the size feeling is Exactly.
I don't use the plasticrivet that comes with the product because I am somewhat concerned about the protrusion of the plasticrivet on the inside.
I have only used the supplied double-sided tape for fastening, but if the tape is degreased and treated with a fire retardant before bonding, I think there will be no problem in my experience.
However, it is not guaranteed when a strong force is applied to it by any chance.

I have not yet run in the rain or on unpaved roads, so I have not tested it yet, but I bought it because I thought it might be useful for Triumph's recent bodies, which seem to have a lot of mud splatter due to their short mud guards.

However, it is too expensive for what it is, which is a drawback.

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This is a must have for Rebel 1100

26 Jul 2023
Product number: PA02186

Fits: HONDA CMX 1100 Rebel

I installed it on the Red one's body and it does not feel uncomfortable.
The REBEL 1100 is miserable around the Radiator when running in the rain or on watery areas.
I wanted to have a Long fender instead of Short as an OEMOption, but this product replaced it.

I was satisfied because it was easier to clean after driving and it didn't look bad.
Installation is also easy with double-sided tape.

As a precaution, it would be better to treat the joints inside the Fender with GORILLATape, etc. to prevent them from falling out.

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