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Thickness: 10mm
Type: SS Type
Color: Black
Size: 250 x 260mm, Thickness: 10mm
Material [Material]: Surface: Urethane, Interior: EXGEL
Processing [with/without]: None
Produce country: Japan


Products: EXGEL's high shock-absorbing properties reduce fatigue after long rides.
Gel cushion with built-in gel that enables you to "go farther" by reducing fatigue.
Recommended for users who are concerned about appearance.
Small size, for embedding in separate seats or pillion seats.
Specifications: This product is designed to be built into a stock seat.
(Planted within the epidermis)
Compatibility: Universal


* The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.


*GEL-ZAB SS can be cut 10mm from the external dimensions.
*Mounting requires the use of special tools.

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Improvement of Seat without Anya

31 Dec 2022
Product number: EHZ2526

Fits: Others

I bought a Seat with Other Brand Product skin on my GSX1100S KATANA. I noticed after I bought it that it seemed to be very bean-crumbed, and the ride was hard, and the corners hit my inner thighs hard because of the original shape. I put in the Gel zab and made it so that it softens around the gills. I am highly satisfied.

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Installed on SV650X

06 Oct 2022
Product number: EHZ2526

Fits: Others

The Urethane was not hollowed out, but simply laid down as it was, and was neatly implemented without any visible bumps.
The pain in my buttocks has improved dramatically, and I used to have such a hard time sitting in the office chair on Monday after riding full time on Saturday and Sunday, but that pain is now gone.
If you ride for 4-5 hours in a row, you will get pain from the pressure, but it is not Large pain, and the pain will go away as soon as you take a break for 30 minutes. Damage to the cells of the buttocks due to thrusting is almost Zero.
Besides the pain, there were three other improvements.
One is that the tilt has been eliminated and the seat surface has been increased, allowing the Seat to sit in its natural place slightly behind the Seat. This made it easier to apply load to the Rear.
Two, the Seat height increases, making it easier to fall over and crowd.
Thirdly, I am 177cm and the OEM was tight in the knees due to the close proximity of the seat and footpeg, but this has also been improved.
The OEMs are too much anxious.
Seat on SV650X is very bad.
And the Damage to the buttocks is egregious because the suspension is terrible.
(I'm writing drunk, so there may be typos or funny sentences, but you get the idea.)

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Very comfortable

06 Jul 2022
Product number: EHZ2526

Fits: Others

I asked the Seat shop to modify and install the OEMSeat.
The OEMSeat on the R nineT is split front and rear, with SS in both front and rear.

In my case, I felt discomfort in my buttocks after an hour or so with NORMAL, but after processing, I have no problem on the front seat side even when I use it for touring, such as driving 600 km round trip in two days.
However, the rear seats were not as comfortable as the front seats because the footpeg position was relatively high and more weight was distributed to the buttocks.
Still, I find it tough to spend long periods of time in Tandem if I don't have Gel Zab in.
I am glad I was able to get in.

Incidentally, although I had experience in reupholstering Seat Covers, I did not have the tools or experience to shave the anchors, so I asked PRO to do the installation.

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More effective than expected

11 Jul 2021
Product number: EHZ2526

Fits: Others

I peeled off the Seat by myself and scraped and embedded the Urethane.
When I was Touring, I more than doubled the distance I could run before my butt started to hurt.

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If you are not a Big scooter, this Size is recommended.

08 Mar 2021
Product number: EHZ2526

Fits: Others

It is recommended for those who ride for more than 30 minutes in an old car.

I've embedded it, and it's totally different from not having it.

It is now possible to ride continuously for more than one hour.

I would love to have it for TouringRider.

The video is the completion commemoration of FZr1000 3GM 2020 Spec.

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