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Color: Black
Capacity: 38-56L (19-28L per side)
Size: 350 (H) x 460 (W) x 180 (D) (one side, at minimum)
Material: 600D Polyester


Large side bag with multi-fit 3D construction & variable capacity.
The back of the bag is made of neoprene to prevent scratches on the bike.
The back side of the bag is made of neoprene material that conforms to the shape of various seat cowls.
It has a large variable capacity, so it can cope with a sudden increase in luggage.
A dedicated rain cover is included as standard equipment.
The side panel is half open to prevent luggage from falling.



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I used it for the September 2022 Hokkaido Touring.

04 Dec 2022
Product number: MFK-187

(1) Waterproof measures
Since the body fabric itself does not seem to have much waterproof property, it is necessary to use a fabric that has a proven track record in waterproofing Tent. White Bear. was applied to the entire Body fabric. The Rain Cover does not have a drainage mechanism,
I used 7mm Punch and put the repair seal used for Tent Repair on the lining and punched one hole. I filled 4 mont-bell staff bags (20Lx4) with clothes and put them in the quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) I put them in a 30L Garbage bag that I found at Ion for waterproofing. It was cheap and the 30L size was just right.
Capacity Size
It is a basic size of 19L + 19L, but we packed two days' worth of change of clothes, underwear for warmth, jersey, and other small items to make it taut. This is to protect the body in case of moss. This time, I did a 10-day touring in Hokkaido. I had no trouble with the practical size. If I wanted, I could not manage to add 1L more.
This is something that is hard to understand without actually loading it, even if you look at the NMAX155 blog, etc. It also has to do with the riding position of the Rider. I also purchased an extended Flap when I purchased the Rider. I read a blog that said the old NMAX155 had a limit, and I also read a blog that said the New Model NMAX155 was even more inflated, so I bought it together with the old NMAX155. I am glad I purchased it. I feel more room (stability) when adjusting the load distribution and loading position. I thought I had to adjust the setteIng by actual driving. The loading weight this time was generally L3kg + R3kg when I measured each back with a scale at home.
4) Measures to prevent scratches on the Body
I used YAMAHAOEM Curing Tape. It is a product recommended by the manager. There was no effect on the body paint when I peeled it off. It is expensive, but one roll is a lot, so I think it will be more than enough for several years. I made a spare roll and took it with me this time, just in case it peeled off. But it did not peel off. That's good!
5) General comments
The spacing between the exhaust system and the exhaust system was also fine. Unfortunately, the weather was unusually fine during the Hokkaido Touring this time, so we could not confirm the effectiveness of the waterproof measures. We also used Brass padlocks to prevent theft.

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Large capacity

25 Dec 2021
Product number: MFK-187

I bought this bag for camping touring with my PCX and replaced my DEGNER waterproof side bag to increase the capacity.
It is made by Tanax, and the construction is solid.
Installation was no problem and the Neoprene material on the back seems to prevent scratches on the Side cowl of the Scooter.
However, I think that the Buckle of the flap prevention of the front side is likely to rub the Side cowl, so if you are concerned about it, I think you need a curing Tape.
Before the extension, it fits within the Handlebar width, but after the extension, it sticks out quite a bit, so I think you need to be careful.
Personally, I prefer a more square shape, but it looks like it can hold a fair amount of solo canning gear.
I gave it 3 stars for feel because I just bought it and haven't actually used it yet, but I'm looking forward to using it for Camping.

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Combine it with the Seat bag and it's perfect for Can Two!

17 Oct 2021
Product number: MFK-187

I bought this for my Can Two. I originally had a Seat bag for my Can Two, but I wanted a Plusα load capacity, so I bought this.
I didn't know if this would be enough capacity, but I decided to go with this product because Large doubles as Small.
As a result, it is perfect for my GSX1300R HAYABUSA and I have no complaints at all because the capacity is Large threshold.
I was able to use it with the Seat bag without any problems.
It's not waterproof, so be careful there. Of course, it comes with a cover, but you will have to install it.

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To be tolerable, on rainy days - - -

03 Oct 2015
Product number: MFK-187

It has been a year since I bought it.
Especially when using on a sunny day and no particular problem.
If you grab a little hang in the installation you will not get too bad.
It was a nice shopping experience..

However, when I run Rain Cover in the rain this time with Two - - - -
Water accumulated in Rain Cover, half of the Side bag was flooded (゜ Д °) !
Compared to Rain Cover of another acquaintance Manufacturer, another Manufacturer made a water drain hole, but this product Rain Cover has no water drain holes> <;

I mailed to Manufacturer at a later date, "I will do it for future reference" It was an answer of ^ ^.

Well, has it improved now ???

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A Size, form, and user-friendliness have no something to say.Loading as
expected is enabled.

If it dares to mention a difficulty, there is almost no Pocket.There could be a Pocket which keeps the
Rain cover.

In order to come floa

02 Sep 2013
Product number: MFK-187

A Size, form, and user-friendliness have no something to say.Loading as
expected is enabled.

If it dares to mention a difficulty, there is almost no Pocket.There could be a Pocket which keeps the
Rain cover.

In order to come floating with it and to attach the Belt of prevention, the Buckle was sewn on the bag body, but when this was fixation with a D can + Belt, I interfered in the car body, and it was hot, and the degree of freedom appeared in fixation more, and I thought that it was easy-to-use.Also although there is a Review which left three star and the engine performance of the product itself since the car body of the stock is not fitted, a size and form are checked firmly in advance and my dear friends should purchase them so that such a thing may not be found.

It is also although it becomes reference of whether to fit a specific vehicle type ...

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