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Color: Black
Capacity: 28L (14L per side)
Size: 300 (H) x 410 (W) x 180 (D) mm (one side)
Material: 600D Polyester


Newly developed multi-fit 3D structure.
The back of the bag is made of neoprene to prevent scratches on the bike.
The back side of the bag is made of neoprene material that changes shape to fit various seat cowls.
A dedicated rain cover is included as standard equipment.
The side panel is half open to prevent luggage from falling.
By opening the side, it is possible to use a large seat bag at the same time.



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Single Body:○. Combined use:◎.

11 Jul 2023
Product number: MFK-186

[How is it used?
Used on YZF-R25 and YZF-R6.
Used for overnight long-distance touring, such as 4 nights/5 days or a whole week.
The team was often caught in the rain due to running every day.
・About 500 to 2,500 km of use per trip

Was the one you received as per Image?
The image is as shown in the picture, but the resin panel covers almost everything except the Motorcycle contact area, and it feels harder to the touch than I imagined.
It does not lose its shape.
I think it's a Large hand-made, so I'm sure it's Large sturdy.

How was your experience with it?
A rain cover is included, but because it is in the form of a cover that can be attached even while the bag is still worn, it will be covered with muddy water from the inside when rolled up if the Motorcycle does not have an InnerFender or is short. It is safer to wrap the contents in Vinyl because it will get wet as a result of seepage.
The quantity is a good deal, but it is not a good quantity.:Pair (for Left and Right) Due to the split design, solid large objects such as full face helmets will not fit.
The center of gravity is not so high, so it is not so difficult to run even if you run into the bag at the Seat area. In other words, it does not bother me enough to enjoy running on mountain roads.
In the case of the Fender Eliminator, it is often placed over the Blinker and must be shifted forward.
In the case of R6, it is just high enough to touch the Tandem Footpeg, so it can be used as a base for attaching a bag*1 wider than the Tandem seat.
1 RoughAndRoad : AQA DRY Tail Bag and IRISOHYAMA:RV-BOX600
The hardness of the material prevents it from losing its shape, but it is not small and bulky when stored.

[Points to note]
The above winker position and the rain circumference are the only things to be aware of or it will be a Large disaster.

How did it compare to other products?
I looked at a variety of actual products at motorcycle supply stores, including HardShell, but I felt that this simple product would be fine for a full cowl car because I don't think the bags would look good no matter how hard I tried.

Point and hang of installation
Belt should be cut and seared with a lighter if there is excess. It looked uncool when it was pillowy.

A product that does not interfere with driving and can solve the problem of no loading capacity at all.
Even when used as a Single Body, it boasts the capacity to hold 4 nights' worth of clothes and a small amount of souvenirs, and when used as a foundation, the SUPER SPORTS750 can hold more than 80 liters just for car Both Sides loading.

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I sewed it up (laughs).

30 Jul 2021
Product number: MFK-186

Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) This bag was not so good when I fastened it with the belt. the position was not good and it hit the blinker, it was not visible, and it was hanging down.

I bought a special holder for SHAD, but as it is, when I fasten it with Belt again, it is not well, after all, Blinker is covered!

SHAD's Saddle Bag is a Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) A system that can be independently inserted into this holder.

Then this guy at Tanax could just sew the Belt into a tube, lol.

And the result is shown in the image. Now it's very Refreshing, and Blinker looks great!

Because it shifts to the back when it is running, it is possible to take it off and to fix it with Snap on hand and Belt on hand, and the case is settled!

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It's broken!

07 Jun 2021
Product number: MFK-186

I mean, did it come off? Did it crack? I haven't watched it in detail so I'm not sure, but the Blinker is exactly as pictured…

Because I didn't add Bracket, the Right Side with VinylRain jacket and MarineShoes became like this with weight.
DUKE's Blinker has a lower Screw, so maybe it's a 2-part split here, rather than a Design-like line.

Also, I don't have a picture of it, but the underside of the bag was rubbing against the tire, maybe from cornering or something.

Maybe I need a Bracket after all!

However, the Bag is innocent of any wrongdoing, so the high rating remains the same! (Lol)

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With photo LargeNot too big, not too small, but just right.

02 Jun 2021
Product number: MFK-186

Huh? I thought I put a few pictures on the last review... ・ (after the -te form of a verb) not .. (Lol)

This is what it looks like on the KTM DUKE200

Even without Bracket, Blinker seems to be holding it together!

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Not too big, not too small, but just right.

12 May 2021
Product number: MFK-186

If it's too big, it's a hindrance to go through narrow spaces. There are cheap Chinese manufacturers, but they look like LePera and the texture is uncomfortable.

More room in the cargo area for long trips.

If you have a SupportBracket, you can get it in a more fixed position. I'm going to make it myself because the full version is too expensive. (Lol)

The fate of the UniversalSaddle Bag

Demerit shifts to the front side to make Blinker more visible, but Tandem Footpeg is hidden and cannot be Tandem'd.

If you move it back, you can Tandem it, but you can't see the Rear blinker nearly as well, and I hear it's pretty hard to see during the day.

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