SS300 Baffle Φ100mm

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Exclusive for BEAMS muffler SS300

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For SS300
Outer Diameter: 57.5Φ

■ Type: Stock
・Length of the tube in the middle: 89mm
・Inner diameter: Φ19

■ Type: semi-racing
・Length of the tube in the middle: 48mm
・Inner diameter: Φ25


*When driving on public roads, always install the baffle.
*When driving without the baffle, the usage conditions and duration of use

Applicable Models

Exclusive for BEAMS muffler SS300



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Crafting accuracy is too poor.

16 Sep 2023
Product number: E01-01-01

Fits: Others

I bought a Semi-racing baffle to see if it would be a change of pace.
The original Baffle fits perfectly, but I had no trouble removing and installing it.
Of course, there is no chattering sound that occurs when the diameter is not matched.

When we tried to replace it with this item, the Edge was still there when it was cut from the base material Pipe, and it was wider than the original bore diameter.
(similar to the situation where a simple cut of the Hose in Scissors will not result in a horizontal cross section).

I forced it into place by knocking it in with a Hammer.
The Size is different from the original caliber.
It still makes a shrieking sound and is not worth the price.
(It was my fault for forcing it in, but I also had a hard time removing it.)

Drop the Edge in Grinder to get closer to the original caliber.
For the time being, we made it easier to remove and install, but did not eliminate the chattering sound when AxelOff is turned on.
I don't think it is the original sound.

I was disappointed, although it was a Manufacturer that I liked because of its hard-edged design.
Even if the product was defective, it would be at the point of shipping visually recognizable Level products.
I felt that they were not a trustworthy Manufacturer.

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Intermediate volume between standard Baffle and no Baffle

24 Oct 2022
Product number: E01-01-01

Fits: Others

Without Baffle, the sound of banging during deceleration is LARGE (although I don't dislike it), and I also have to be careful when warming up the car.
The standard Baffle is a little too quiet, so I cut the Pipe on the side that is connected to the Silencer.
This time I bought a Semi-racing baffle, hoping for an intermediate volume, because the bribing sound was vulgar this time.
The purchase price was 2,612 yen, but the label on the delivered product stated 1,210 yen including tax. When we contacted Webike, we learned that the price was revised around May of this year, and the reason was that the manufacturer shipped the product with the pre-revision label.
It is not clear if this is due to the rising cost of materials, but to more than double the original price in a revision makes one wonder if the original price was mis-set? I would think so.
I should have bought it before the revision.
The effect of the installation was satisfactory with the expected volume.
I realized that they must have tried various Baffle Pipe diameters and lengths to decide on the right one.

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It's still a little noisy.

16 Jul 2022
Product number: E01-01-01

Fits: Others

Installed on XR250 and MD30. I bought it to repel a bear on a forest road touring in Hokkaido. In fact, I encountered a bear on a forest road, but the bear ran away with the engine revving and the horn, but I don't know how effective this volume was.
Now that I am back home, I plan to switch back to the standard baffle for driving on forest roads in Honshu. I will switch back to the Standard baffle when I drive on forest roads in Honshu, Japan. In case of MD30, it seems that the sound becomes louder due to resonance of the exhaust against the license plate. As for driving impression, I feel that the low-speed torque is a little weaker than that of the Standard baffle. But it is almost the same.

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just right and good

10 Apr 2022
Product number: E01-01-01



Fits: Others

It's a newly purchased Udrie Beams muffler, but it's a silencer removed, so it's a real cannon sound, so I was embarrassed to go around the neighborhood. It's a newly purchased Udry Beams muffler, but the silencer has been removed, so it's a real cannon sound, so I was embarrassed to walk around the neighborhood. It's a little bigger than pure, and a little bigger when you're hungry... lol

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Working well but slow me down

04 Jun 2021
Product number: E01-01-01



Fits: Others

I bought the DB killer for my ss300 it is working well but i guess it requires for me to rejust my carburator because i loose some speed. Compare to my stock one or fully open semi racing is really the best for the sound. specially at low speed. I recommend but don't forget to re-jet

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